DC Rebirth Saga

So I began reading this and I have no clue if I am reading in the correct order. Then somehow I find out that Watchmen somehow ties in. I’m trying read everything in the correct order. So should I re read Watchmen and then read all of Superman, then all of Batman, etc with the Rebirth. Or should I be do Superman Rebirth 1, Batman Rebirth 1, etc. Just trying to read this properly. Then somehow Watchmen Doomsday Clock ties in. So confusing!

It sounds like you’re planning to read too much. After the one-shot comic DC Universe: Rebirth, you can read a handful of relevant stories (the Batman-Flash crossover The Button and the Action Comics story The Oz Effect, for instance), but you don’t need to read everything bearing the 2016 Rebirth label before starting Doomsday Clock.


Sounds good @AlexanderKnox. Thanks for the info. Just was worrying about reading in the wrong order or cross overs. I’ll just read it as I see fit. Loving what I’ve read so far. Feels good to be back into reading comics. Love this service. :grinning:

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Yeah you really only need to reread Watchmen, the Rebirth one shot, and then Doomsday Clock.

I’d say even with all 3 they can be read on their own without any prior knowledge necessary to understand the what’s going on.