DC Rebirth Animated Universe - What Would You Want to See?

What would y’all wanna see involving a DC Rebirth animated universe following the events of Justice League Dark: Apokolips War?

I really wanna see more out of the Batfamily (cough cough Jason Todd and Tim Drake)

I’d love to see Doctor Manhattan and an animated movie of Doomsday Clock maybe towards the end of the universe’s run. Maybe use it was a way to show some events from Watchmen in animated form but not TOO much (because i don’t really think we’d need an animated Watchmen film)

What do y’all think :slight_smile:

I would love an animated Green Lanterns movie with Jessica Cruz and Simon Baz.

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I would mainly just want to see a better Batman voice. Jason O’Mara’s Batman was easily my least favorite thing about the DCAMU, and I really don’t understand why he stuck around the whole time. I know not everyone can be Kevin Conroy, but there are still a handful of great actors out there who could play the role a lot better than O’Mara did

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I totally get that, it wasn’t so bad to me but it did feel a bit off

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I’d like to see more dynamic animation, with a more varied color palette. The DCAMU often felt too stiff and too dark.


@HubCityQuestion It felt like a choppy frame rate to me. Maybe it wasn’t 24 FPS? I don’t know. I get what you mean though.

@arkhamassassin I’d like to see a better Batman voice too.

Speaking of Batman, I’d like to see them incorporate the Detective team. As important and iconic as Jean-Paul Valley is to the Batman (my non-comic friends know about the “Knight” storylines), he’s never used. Orphan hasn’t been used in a proper way either. That would be cool.