DC products at Toy Fair 2019

Toy Fair 2019 has come and gone. Sad. The huge upside is fans have a choice variety of new toys and collectibles to look forward to this year, so huzzah, whoopy, woohoo, and such!

What DC toys and collectibles did you see at this year’s Toy Fair that made you say “I’d like to get that.”, “That’s a must have!” or “I can part with a kidney for that.”?

Some things that appealed to me that squarely fall into the “I’d like to get that.” category:

From DC Collectibles:

  • BTAS action figures. The Hardac Batman, BTAS Two-Face and Gray Ghost figures all look fantastic. True, they debuted at shows last year but they were at TF this year so I’ll include them based on that technicality.

Bruce Timm and Ty Templeton (the primary illustrator of the Batman Adventures comic book) have created designs for characters that didn’t appear in the DCAU but will appear in action figure form to look as if they were part of it. Azrael Batman, Deathstroke, Red Hood and a Battle Armor Batman are the first figures to debut. The BA Batman looks okay but the other three look great.

True, there’s more characters and things that did appear in the DCAU that have yet to make their plastic debuts (and certainly deserve them) but, if this is where the animated collection is going I’m mostly okay with it. Some STAS and Batman Beyond in-show additions would be nice to complement these conceptual pieces. Maybe we’ll see more at SDCC.

-DC Essentials action figures. I’m particularly jazzed for Wonder Woman, Cheetah, Rebirth Red Hood and Cyborg Superman. DCC will also be releasing display stands for this line.

From Mattel:

-DC Multiverse figures. A Batman themed wave was on display consisting of the Tim Burton Batman, Joker, classic Riddler, Poison Ivy and Rebirth Red Robin. The Batman, Joker and Riddler figures are purported to be tributes to their Toy Biz iterations (which is why Batman and Joker don’t feature actor likenesses, because the Toy Biz figures featured mostly generic renditions of MK and Mr. J) while Poison Ivy is said to be a tribute to her Kenner BTAS action figure. No Collect and Connect figure was on display with these, but this is still a solid wave.

-12" action figures. From Thrasher Suit Batman in the Batman Missions line to Wonder Woman, Rebirth Deathstroke (Mattel’s first 12" figure of Mr. Wilson) Hal Jordan Green Lantern and what appeared to be an action feature laden version of Superman in the Justice League line, there’s some cool stuff here.

-Imaginext DC Super Friends Batman 80th anniversary collection. A Target exclusive box set of Batman as he has appeared through the decades. The box features a notation of the year each look debuted or was prominently featured to the left of each figure. Sinestro Corps Batman is mistakenly listed as being from 2014 (2007 is the correct year) so hopefully that gets corrected before the set is released.

Walmart will be carrying exclusive blister carded Imaginext Batman figures. On display were packaged mockups (that featured comic artwork specific to each figure) of the following:

-Detective Comics #27 Batman
-Batman in his George Barris Batmobile inspired battle armor from the Justice mini-series
-Azrael in his Batman armor
-Green Lantern Batman from Geoff Johns’ Green Lantern
-Zur-En-Arrh Batman from Grant Morrison’s Batman.

From Funko:

-DC Primal Age series two figures. Superman, Lex, Bizarro, Black Manta and The Flash all look like alot of fun as does the Krypto beast pack.

Those are the things that caught my attention at Toy Fair this year. What are yours?


Here’s what piqued my interest:

  • Mezco Wonder Woman (comics version).
  • DC Collectibles Prime Batman. Really hope they make a Superman in this line.
  • DC Collectibles Designer Series Lee Bermejo Batman.
  • DC Collectibles Wonder Woman statues, both the Cover Girls and the Designer Series.
  • The Diamond Select Gallery comic versions of Wonder Woman and Batman.

That Prime Batman looks interesting, but will it be worth the $125 price tag? We’ll see.

I’d also like to see Superman in the Prime line.


Actually would like to express my disappointment in the relative lack of Superman figures and statues during this Toy Fair.

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There was the DC ¡Lucha Explosiva! line with Superman and Metallo. Wrestling isn’t my thing but Metallo looks neat.

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Yeah saw that. They look really nice and the colors pop. A bit of a stretch for me though. I mean…can you display those in your collection next to other DC figures and feel like they belong? Don’t know. And given that was one of the only Supes on display during the fair is disheartening.

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In addition to Metallo, the Lucha Wonder Woman and Cheetah (especially her) look tempting. I’ve never bought a wrestling figure in my life, so maybe these will change that.

It was Jim Fletcher or someone else from DCC that said the final figures would have a bit more articulation than the prototypes on display and that the wrestling ring some of the figures were in could potentially be developed for sale.

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I collect only Trinity stuff. So was thinking about purchasing those 3. My display is getting full though, so real estate is at a premium. On the fence.

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Regarding that 12" action feature laden Superman from Mattel’s Justice League line that I mentioned initially, I dug up more info on him.

He’s called Kryptonian Power Superman and features lights and sounds along with a talking feature. Like the regular Superman figure in this line, he’s adorned in his Superman Reborn outfit.

The Batman Missions 12" Thrasher Suit Batman (from The Court of The Owls arc of New 52 Batman) will be $14.99 and in an assortment with a repainted Man-Bat figure, who will be sporting orange Arkham pants this time around.

A couple updated points of interest for anyone interested :slight_smile:


Crikey, I forgot! Brainiac is said to be another villain in the 12" JL line. I’ve not seen any pictures but his name was mentioned alongside Deathstroke with regards to villains in the line.