DC Pride: The Rise & Fall of Comic Book Queer Coding

Happy Pride! These days, we’re all trying to improve and educate ourselves on how we can be better to each other. With that in mind, News writer, Esper Quinn, wanted to explore a topic particular to their own background as a queer creator/consumer: queer coding.

Check out their News article now!

What are some of your favorite DC books to read during Pride? Tell us in the comments below!


Great article. :facepunch:t3:

Interesting article. Is it known that Robin and Cheetah were written to be queer coded by the writers? I know there were factions who were worried about Robin, but I never knew that the writers were aiming for that. I could imagine Marsten might have gone for it with Cheetah. Robin is more surprising.

I think Robin was more of an example of what the article refers to as “queer reading,” where the reader is seeing something that the writers did not actually intend.

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