DC Pride Hall of Fame Awards Announcement Show & After Party

DC Comics fans from around planet Earth and beyond, welcome to the 2021 DC Pride Hall of Fame Awards Announcement Show. Presented from the Grand Ballroom of the DCU Resort, Golf Club and Spa these awards are brought to you by clubs of the DCU, including the DC Characters Club, the Birds of Prey Club, the Arrowverse Couch Club, the Doom Patrol Club, the DC History Club, the House of Horror, Harley’s Crew, the DC Book Club, World of Bats, and the Justice League Book Club. Join us with a walk down the red carpet to celebrate the greatest collection of LGBTQ+ characters in this or any universe. These awards were voted on by you, the DCUI Community, and represent the best in love, acceptance and superhero storytelling.

Without further ado, let the award show begin.


:dc_history_club: DC History Club Presents :dc_history_club:
:00_dc_pride_ps: History Club Select LGBTQ+ Leadership Award :00_dc_pride:

To Dr. Victoria October, appearing in Detective Comics. This trans woman uses her scientific genius and lessons learned from her own personal journey to work with the residents of Monster Town. Dr. October knows that just because you look like a monster, that doesn’t make you one. Only your actions make you into a monster. For this, and more, Doctor October wins this year’s Pride Leadership Award.



:00_dc_pride: Modern Category

:harleys_crew: Presented by Harley’s Crew :harleys_crew:
Modern Characters: Nominated for advancing the acceptance and love of LGBTQ+ people and relationships by seeing a world through their new lens as central characters in modern DC Comics.

:trophy: First Place Winner: Harley Quinn

Additional awards go to… :trophy:

  • Batwoman, Kate Kane
  • Poison Ivy
  • Aqualad

:00_dc_pride: Supporting Category

:birds_of_prey_club_oracle: Presented by Birds of Prey :birds_of_prey_club_oracle:
Supporting Characters: Nominated for advancing the acceptance and love of LGBTQ+ people and relationships as supporting characters in DC Comics. No story can be told without its characters, even the smaller ones.

:trophy: First Place Winner: Bluebird, Harper Row

Additional awards go to… :trophy:

  • Obisidian
  • Bunker
  • Dr. Victoria October

:house_of_horror: Presented by House of Horror :house_of_horror:
:00_dc_pride: Characters, Pioneer Category :00_dc_pride:Nominated as pioneering characters that advanced the acceptance and visibility of LGBTQ+ people through their actions and representation in DC Comics :dc_pride_club:

First Place:ww

Additional awards go to:
Danny the Street
Maggie Swayer


:00_dc_pride: Couples Category :00_dc_pride:
:characters_of_dc: Presented by Characters of DC :characters_of_dc:

Love is the cornerstone of life no matter your orientation and is therefore an important aspect of LGBTQ+ representation. People need to see themselves in the media they consume and relationships, with all their ups and downs, are a vital part of that. All of the nominees in this category prove that Love is Love and that good, healthy and strong relationships matter and should be supported no matter what.

And the awards go to:

First Place: Harley Quinn & Poison Ivy

Thanks to @Razzzcat for the awesome image!

Additional awards go to:
Kate Kane & Renee Montoya
Midnighter & Apollo
Sara Lance & Ava Sharpe


:00_dc_pride: Live Action Television Category :00_dc_pride:
Presented by the Arrowverse Couch Club

LGBTQ+ representation is meaningful in any medium, but being able to see real people who look, talk and act like any one of us in this capacity is truly special. No matter what their gender, orientation, abilities and so much more, these modern icons of DC television have provided hope for queer people all around the world in many new ways.

And the award goes to:

Sara Lance/White Canary

Honorable mentions also go out to:
Kate Kane/Batwoman
John Constantine
Nia Nal/Dreamer


:00_batman_1986: Presented by World of Bats :00_batman_1986:

:00_dc_pride: Comic book series, or individual issues, Solo Category: :00_dc_pride: Nominated for advancing the acceptance and love of LGBTQ+ people and relationships through the stories and representations in these stories.

And the awards go to:

First Place Award:

Honorable Mention goes to:
DC Pride #1
Harley Quinn
Wonder Woman


:doom_patrol_club: Presented by Doom Patrol Club :doom_patrol_club:

:dc_pride_club: Rachel Pollack Trendsetter Award :dc_pride_club:

Perseverance and Creativity are always a cornerstone. Especially through LGBTQ+ representation in DC Comics have these nominees become trendsetters in their own right for years upon years. In honor of the trendsetter herself, creator Rachel Pollack!

First Place Award: Danny the Street

Pride_Profile_Danny The Street

Additional awards go to:
Rebis fka Negative Man


:justice_league_book_club: Presented by The Justice League Book Club :justice_league_book_club:

:00_dc_pride: Creators Award :00_dc_pride: Nominated for advancing acceptance and love of LGBTQ+ people and relationships through their efforts to create inclusive entertaining comic stories.

And the awards go to:

First Place:
Gail Simone

Additional awards to go:
James Tynion IV
Greg Berlanti
William Moulton Marston


:doom_patrol_club: Presented by The Doom Patrol Club :doom_patrol_club:

:00_dc_pride_ps: Comic Book Series, Ensemble Category :00_dc_pride_ps:

Nominated for advancing acceptance and love of LGBTQ+ people and relationships through the stories and representations in these stories.

And the awards go to:

First Place: Doom Patrol

Additional awards go to:
DC Bombshells
Gotham Central
Secret Six


Everyone! This has been an exceptional month of celebration, discussion, sharing, learning, and respect. We are proud of the wonderful denizens of DCUI and we thank everyone who participated! :hugs: :purple_heart:

Remember, just because Pride Month is over, the party doesn’t stop, because Pride is every day!

All of the awards have been handed out, and all of the activities are wrapped up. And with that, all that’s left… is to party! :partying_face:





It take a while
For a party to start

We feel
Self conscious

Not yet
To fool ourselves

Into thinking
We are cool

Let’s have
Electra and Hulk
Break the ice


Let’s Party


Doom Patrol

Negative Man



For all our ladies
But for everybody really

The Works of Seanan McGuire

Wicked Girls

Live Action Version


Velveteen, versus
by Seanan McGuire.

From Her Twitter account:
(I can’t speak to any queer experience aside from my own (white-passing, femme, bisexual).)

All Velveteen stories


The costume made for Velveteen by the Princess’s mice was going to have to do until she got her first paycheck and could start requesting the specialty gear, like the flame-retardant leotards and the anti-frostbite tights.

Fortunately, she had a few months before weather was going to become a real issue, and those mice could sew.

Velveteen studied herself in the mirror, unaware that she’d switched back into the hyper-critical mode that her handlers from Marketing had always worked so hard to drill into her.

She was about to face the public. She needed to know what the public was about to see.

The V-neck on her leotard was a bit more ambitious than she necessarily liked, although she had to admit that the fact that it formed a literal “V” was a nice touch; the main body of the leotard was chocolate brown, and all the burgundy accenting made it seem both very warm and very heroic.

How the mice had done that, she really had no idea. Her burgundy gloves and boots were faux-velvet, matching the domino mask that covered her face and pretended to conceal her identity.

She could have done without the rabbit ears, but she had to sadly admit that they were necessary, both to maintain a recognizable silhouette utterly essential when one wanted to strike fear into the hearts of evil-doers and to make her “secret identity” a little more secret.

Why do so many heroines wear push-up bodices and stupid headdresses?

Because it means that no one’s looking at their faces.

The mice hadn’t been able to make her a new utility belt.

That was okay. She’d never been able to bring herself to get rid of the old one, a gift from Santa Claus on her thirteenth birthday. It still fit.

Of course it still fit Santa’s gifts were made to last, which was a good thing, because the fat man didn’t give receipts and it hugged her hips like she’d been a grown woman, and not a gawky teen, when it was made for her.

She ran automatically through the check of the pockets. More than half of them were empty, having lost their stash of concealed toys during the intervening years. Velveteen’s hands faltered as they checked a clasp, and for a moment, she stopped, simply staring at her reflection.

Who is that woman? she wondered.

Who is that woman in the bunny ears and the skin-tight spandex, with the mask that everybody knows doesn’t hide her face worth a damn, getting ready to go out there and do it all over again?

Who is that woman who didn’t learn her lesson the first time she almost died, or any of the times that came after? She felt very exposed, almost naked in her costume, and very, very Velma.

The girl who got out.

Something tugged at the fabric behind her knee. Vel looked down, and saw the battered plush bunny from the Isley Crayfish Festival looking up at her.

For a moment, she thought she even saw concern in its dirty plush face and glossy glass eyes.

“I guess if you’re going to go crazy, you may as well do it with a place to sleep and major medical insurance,” she said, and bent to scoop the bunny into her arms.

It went instantly limp, the animation leaving it as she stuffed it into the appropriate pocket of her utility belt. It wouldn’t carry anything but toys.

It would let her carry enough of those to have a fighting chance.

“Well, I guess first, we go shopping.”

If the staff of the Downtown Portland Goodwill thought it was strange when the state’s newest superhero walked into the store, offered them a polite nod, and made her way straight back to the children’s section, they didn’t say anything about it.

They just stared after her, frozen in the act of ringing up customers or folding donated sweaters.

Then, as if a bell had been rung that only people with a sense of self-preservation could hear, they began quietly evacuating the store.

The safest place to be around a superhero in uniform was nowhere near the superhero.

Velveteen didn’t notice. She was preoccupied with carrying on a one-sided conversation with the stuffed animal rack, waving her hands in punctuation as she explained the score to the discarded bears and unloved plush dinosaurs of the world.

“You’ve been thrown aside once, and that’s terrible,” she said. “I won’t throw you away, but you won’t get a good retirement package if you come with me. I’m the last stop. I’ll take care of you for as long as I can, but I won’t lie to you; toys that come with me don’t live forever.”

The plush was starting to stir as portions of the pile

A bear here, a one-eyed turtle there

Sat up and paid attention.

“You’ll do good things. You’ll take care of children like the ones who loved you. I’ll love you. And you’ll die heroes.”

More stirring, spreading to the action figure bins and the racks of Barbies with bad haircuts and missing shoes.

Velveteen kept talking; the toys kept moving, the animation working its way through them like dye spreading through white cotton.

She’d never been able to explain why she felt it was necessary to call them this way, although Marketing had managed to get some lovely news footage the first few times she’d done it;

She just knew that it felt right to give the toys a choice before she took them out and threw them to their deaths.

In the end, more than thirty toys climbed down from their racks and out of their bins, "choosing"if toys can choose to give up the chance at a second owner in favor of following Velveteen into battle.

She led them to the break room where the staff had gone to hide, sticking her head in past the curtain, and asked,

“Can you send a bill to the city?”

One of the cashiers gave a little shriek, following it with a louder shriek as she saw the army of plush standing around Velveteen’s ankles.

“That would be…fine,” said the manager tightly.

The city would never see that bill.

Better to put this incident aside as quickly as possible, before some fool supervillain decided to regard the place as some sort of perverse arms dealership and level it, just to be sure.

“Great, thanks,” said Velveteen, and withdrew.

Mercifully, the toys followed her.

Even so, no one dared to breathe until they heard the bell over the door jingle to signify her exit.


Batman sings

Ballad of Batman

Brave and Bold
Music Meister

Batman and
Harley Quinn

Swamp Thing

As usual
Does nothing
But talk

Mad World


Four Color Story

From “Super Folks” by Robert Mayer

Gradually, without trying, he began to distinguish vague shapes in the negative space around him; sickly, pale-green mists, like jaundiced fog. Shapes without shape, forms without form. Beings of nonbeing. Mists of unshed tears.

He watched them float by, without intent, without direction. Not knowing what they were.

And then, with a strange intelligence, like Adam naming the animal, he knew.

He recognized them. The pleasure trips he had never taken. The times he wanted to make love and didn’t wake her up. The fat pitches he didn’t swing at. The fears that putrified friendships. The books he hadn’t read (Little Lulu for one). The music he never really listened to, too lost in his own not-so-super thoughts. The love he never consummated with Peggy - it was there, now drifting by.

Out of reach.

All the missed opportunities.

That’s what filled the place beyound space.

The chances not taken. The dances not danced. The tintinnabulation of the bells of Copenhagen, never heard by toilers in New York. The screams not screamed, the curses not cursed, the hands never held, the whispers never spoken.

All of them palpable, still existing, here in this place beyond recovery.

If Phoebe was still alive - if they were still on good terms - then Holden ought to tell her, if she doesn’t know already. This is the place the ducks go in the winter.

He tried to close his eyes against them,

The languages unlearned. The birdsongs never heard. The expense accounts not cheated on.

He could not even blink,

He tried to be cynical; to picture himself as Scrooge, watching the past go by in a maudlin morality play.

It didn’t work. He was caught in a choke of emotion.

The mists became a parade of human shapes - farmers, business, soldiers … people in every pccupation imaginable.

He was puzzled at first.

But then, again, he knew.

They were secret identities.

All the secret identities never revealed, never attempted - only dreamed.

The rural life of the city man who never broke away. The season on the pro golf tour the insurance man putted away in his office, into ashtrays. The night watchman leading the Lord’s Prayer. The time salesman’s dreamlife as a pitcher.

All the secret identities into which life was never breathed; all of them unsouls, floating in perpetuity now in the place beyond space. Beyond the rim of the universe.

All the unbeings we dared not be.


Nia sings


Holding out for a hero
By Melissa
From Glee


Cast of Flash and Supergirl sing