DC Pride Book Club | One Year Anniversary & PRIDE MONTH | June 2020

Black Lives Matter

    “No pride for some of us without liberation for all of us.”

      — Marsha P. Johnson

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Happy Pride & 1 Year of DC Pride Book Club! :rainbow:

Thank you everyone that has been along for the ride. You’ve all been such a bright part of my experience here on DC Universe and I’m so glad to have met many of you. Though the world is struggling right now, know that people have your back and you are not alone. Stay strong. Don’t allow anyone to silence you. Love will always win out in the end.

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DC Pride will be hosting events all month long. Links to come later.

Book Clubs:

    Jun. 3 | DC Pride Book Club | Nº13 | Batwoman: Elegy

    Jun. 16 | You Brought Me The Ocean (Discussion Thread)


    Jun. 10 | Batwoman (HBO Max)

    Jun. 17 | Young Justice (DC Universe)

    Jun. 24 | Supergirl - (Netflix)

    Jun. 28 | Harley Quinn (DC Universe)

Other Events & Discussions:

    DC Fan Art Club: Weekly Challenge #14, June 20-June 27

    Free Pride Icons for DCU!

    DC Pride: The Rise & Fall of Comic Book Queer Coding

    The 5 Most Romantic Harley Quinn + Poison Ivy Moments in Comic Books

    DC Pride: Greet the World With These 5 Coming Out Stories (Article)

    DC Pride: Hit All of the DCU’S Queer Hotspots in Our Pride Road Trip (Article)

    Celebrate Pride Month with These DC LGBT Heroes (Article)

Questions or concerns? Reach out @Nu52 :inbox_tray:

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Congratulations on the club’s 1 year anniversary! Well done!


Thank you, Don! Glad to join the one year club after your prestigious Legion Fan Club
:clap: :clap: :clap:




I’m going to try to make it to as many of these as possible! I may not make it to the watch-alongs as they are on Sundays (busy day for me) but I can certainly try :grin:


Yes! Fitting as it’s one of DC’s best ever stories!

Happy 1st Anniversary, everyone! :purple_heart: :rainbow_flag:


Congrats on hitting the one year mark! I’ll definitely participate in some of these at least. :smiley:


@NovellPaladin Might have to add some other watch-alongs then :smiley:

@Mae I can’t wait for the Batwoman: Elegy discussion :bat:

@Jay_Kay Thank you! You’ve been a big part in us still trucking along :clap:


:joy: I really appreciate the way you think

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Congratulations on the 1 yr mark 52! Sorry to have missed all the WW WaL’s, hope everyone’s been having fun with them. Great job on all your Thumb nails they always look great, really love the color work with this one. As you know I wasn’t crazy about the second half of the season but if y’all are doing the eps with Kaldur let me know, he’s my favorite member and it was a bummer we didn’t get more of him this season.

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Thanks @AquamonC137! I’ve been binging Looney Tunes on HBO Max like crazy, so it inspired me for this thumbnail.

We’re definitely going to be watching Kaldur episodes :+1:


Sames! Have you seen this post I made?



I had not, but now I have! Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

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Yaasss!! Congrats on one year and excited for more to come. (And hoping the #BLM shoutout means we’ll also be exploring some intersectionality.)


Thanks @Weird_Flex_Luthor!

We’ll be discussing You Brought Me The Ocean beginning on June 10th. It’s a new book coming out June 9th (not on DC Universe unfortunately) about Jake Hyde (Aqualad) which we will also have the tie-in Young Justice watch-along focusing on Kaldur on June 14th.


Congratulations!!! I’m pumped for all the events yall have planned :grin:

Agreed; this has been such an amazing community and to read stories of queer characters and being able to discuss in a safe space. It’s just an amazing feeling. So thank you for putting this together and to everyone whose part of the community!


Happy Pride.


I am hoping to make all your watchalongs to celebrate your one (1) year anniversary.

Also, i like the looney tunes pattern on your graphic


Happy Pride!

Thanks for having joined our club and contributed over the months. Couldn’t agree more with what you have said :smiley:

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Thank you @AntLeon!

I hope to see you there. Sundays will be double features this month :smiley:

Congrats on the 1-year anniversary!