DC Pride Book Club | Nº10 | Teen Titans + Titans ('16) | Feb. 3-Mar. 1

DC Pride Book Club’s 10th Installment :rainbow:

Black History Month: Aqualad

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This month’s installment will be a tad different. DC Pride will be hosting a month long discussion featuring Aqualad as he joins the Teen Titans. Luckily, February has an extra day this year. I hope you’re able to join us!

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How should we celebrate? Should we have a party? Drop some suggestions in the comments below :smiley:

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Week 1

SPOILER DISCUSSION: 2020-02-03T08:00:00Z2020-02-09T08:00:00Z

What: TEEN TITANS (2016-) #6 + TEEN TITANS (2016-) #7

:star2:Discussion Questions

  1. Are you a fan of Jackson Hyde/Kaldur’ahm?

  2. Do you think Jackson is a good pair with the Teen Titans?

  3. Which moments stuck out to you?

Week 2

SPOILER DISCUSSION: 2020-02-10T08:00:00Z2020-02-16T08:00:00Z

What: Titans #11 + Teen Titans #8 + Deathstroke #19

:star2:Discussion Questions

  1. Do you believe Deathstroke was being honest with Wally when he offered up the contract?

  2. What would you like to see come out of Jackson and Tempest knowing each other now?

  3. What do you think about Slade and Wally’s family drama? Can you see why Wally would fall for Slade’s approach?

Week 3

SPOILER DISCUSSION: 2020-02-17T08:00:00Z2020-02-23T08:00:00Z

What: Teen Titans Lazarus Contract Special #1 + Deathstroke #20

:star2:Discussion Questions

  1. Were you content with the conclusion to the Lazarus Contract?

  2. What was your favorite part about this crossover?

  3. Which character interactions did you most enjoy?

  4. If another crossover were to happen between the Titans and the Teen Titans, what villain would you like to see them take on?

Week 4

SPOILER DISCUSSION: 2020-02-24T08:00:00Z2020-03-01T08:00:00Z

What: Teen Titans (2016-) #9-11

:star2:Discussion Questions

  1. Do you believe Lucia was right to hide the truth from Jackson?

  2. How do you feel about the scene where Jackson comes out to Black Manta?

  3. Is Robin the right one to lead the Teen Titans?

  4. What did you most enjoy about this month’s reading?

:nerd_face: Share your thoughts on the reading overall as you read along and let’s discuss

Questions or concerns? Reach out @Nu52 :inbox_tray:

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Watch Along?? (Suicide squad hell to pay has scandal savage and knockout)

New flair?


I would so be down for a watch-along. Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay is already getting one by the mods later in the month. WATCH-ALONG! Suicide Squad: Hell To Pay Watch-Along! WEDNESDAY, FEB 26th @6PM PST/9PM EST

I was thinking maybe some Kaldur episodes, probably the ones with Wyynde. I would say maybe Doom Patrol episodes, but a watch-along group already watches them.

New flair is a good idea! BTW you were our 100th member :smiley:

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Cool! And with only two issues for the first week, I should be ably to fit those in even with the ridiculous amount of clubs I participate in! :rofl:


How do you do it? You have got to be a Speedster
:flash_hv_1: :flash_hv_1::flash_hv_5:

“I was thinking maybe some Kaldur episodes, probably the ones with Wyynde”

That’s a good idea. I’m psyched reading your comic choices for this month!

  1. Are you a fan of Jackson Hyde/Kaldur’ahm?

So far so good. I’ve never read the titans comics but I did watch a little of the show, I liked him in that and so far the comic is good too.

  1. Do you think Jackson is a good pair with the Teen Titans?

Yes, hes trying to find his place like the rest of the titans.

  1. Which moments stuck out to you?

These two for sure resonate, its only most recently that I’ve come out to my parents…so I feel like I can relate a little to his struggle.


Nah, just a boring social life. :sweat_smile:

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When he said the line about “different” being a bad word where he grew up, that got to me.

It’s definitely relatable in many regards. I loved those panels you selected.

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Ah yes I forgot that one with his mother. So pretty much any panel with Aqualad.

But also this because damian is just so damian

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LOL! Or this moment

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I don’t know that if call myself a true fan of the character, but I definitely don’t mind him.

Absolutely! I liked the dynamic here. He’s like a…date I say it…a fish out of water! Heh? Heh? See what I did there?

I really like the Maneuver X bit. Uh…which one is that again?


I chuckled at the maneuver X part. Damian was so surprised they didn’t study. I’m wondering if they ever even practiced it or if Damian just handed them a playbook :joy:


Are you a fan of Jackson Hyde/Kaldur’ahm?

In this story, he’s okay. I tend to prefer the Kaldur from the Young Justice cartoon, I find him to be way more compelling.

Do you think Jackson is a good pair with the Teen Titans?

Sure – having a character in a team book who’s new to it all usually adds something to the table.

Which moments stuck out to you?

I think Jackson revealing his powers to his…partner? Boyfriend? What would they even call themselves when they’re both apparently deep in the closet? Anyway, that moment was pretty memorable. I think it was a good catalyst to get him to run away to SF to try and find a place where he can truly be himself.

I also liked the moment at the end where Damian lets Jackson on the team, even if it’s on a probationary way. Damian’s a really great, complex character and it’s great to see the moments where he lets his armor down and acts more human to those around him.


Well, we do have a lot more time with Kaldur in Young Justice, so that makes sense. He’s got a really compelling journey and arc on that show. Have you ever read anything with Jackson before? I think it’s my first time reading a story with him (not counting the YJ tie-in comics).

You’re right! New members definitely add a dynamic that’s worth exploring. This team is still new though as evidenced by their lack or teamwork in the field. Jackson coming in at this time still allows for him to feel like an essential part of the team, whereas other times when a new character joins a team book, you’re just counting down the issues until they get replaced or something.

I didn’t get that feeling from Jackson as we know his mom knows at least.

Damian was great fun in this book. I really only know him from animated films and this is definitely the most enjoyable version of him I have come across yet. It still feels weird that Starfire wouldn’t be team leader though. Wasn’t she an Outlaw and also had her own solo book. It’s strange to see her back with the Teen team and not as a senior member with rank. Maybe this was discussed in previous issues, I just would have to go back and read them :sweat_smile:

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What would they even call themselves when they’re both apparently deep in the closet?

I did get that vibe from Kenny since even his parents dont know. But with Jackson I think it’s different, his mother knows.

Hes at that point in his life where hes trying to figure out who and what (his powers) he is, and joining the titans in a new city is part of that journey.

Damian’s a really great, complex character and it’s great to see the moments where he lets his armor down and acts more human to those around him

Lol yes, that was a good moment. Like father like son.

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He was a part of Brightest Day, the bi-weekly title that was going after Blackest Night, but in terms of the Aqua-family stuff, his story I felt was tiny compared to the bigger revelations that was there with Mera.

Fair enough – I guess I assumed that because both of them were out in the middle of nowhere to be together, but that could definitely be more for Kenny’s sake than Jackson’s.

It definitely is addressed. Basically the only reason the team is still together is that Starfire kept them together. She believes that there is potential for good leadership in Damian, he just has to learn from experience.

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Okay, I should go back and read those initial issues. I mean, Damian does pay for most, if not everything (technically Bruce does :zipper_mouth_face:) so I can see why he’d be team leader and no one would argue. He just comes off very young compared to the others.

I got the feeling it was for Kenny’s sake much more than for both of their’s. Like the screenshot @stefanie.murr7 posted shows, Jackson is trying to let who he is shine through. Maybe it’s a case of that being a meeting ground before Jackson’s coming out. It was a safe place before, but for Jackson it’s now a tether to someone he doesn’t want to be. It actually reminded me of Doom Patrol with Larry and John.

doom larry john


Yeah, I was reminded of that part of Doom Patrol as well, which might have contributed to why I assumed both were in the closet.

I also think I got that idea from mom wanting Jackson to hide everything in general. While I think she was more inherently worried about him using his powers, I thought his mom being so flippant about it may have kept him in the closet for everyone else. Talking it out I think I can see him just being out despite that.