DC Pride Book Club: DC Comics: Bombshells (2015-) #10-18 | Jan. 26-Feb. 2

DC Pride Book Club’s 9th Installment :rainbow:

DC COMICS: BOMBSHELLS (2015-) #10-18

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Let’s revisit the DC Comics: Bombshells (2015-) series in January’s installment of DC Pride! We previously read the first 9 issues in our second installment of DC Pride. This time we will be looking at issues #10-18. They’re quick and fun reads.

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What to read: DC COMICS: BOMBSHELLS (2015-) #10-18

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:star2:Discussion Questions

  1. Which character’s reinvented version has been your favorite?

  2. What were some of your favorite panels/moments?

  3. Which characters would you like to see interact more?

:nerd_face: Share your thoughts on the reading overall and let’s discuss

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Y’know, ever since we did that for this book club, I’ve been slowly plugging my way through this series, mostly on work breaks because those digital first issues are about the perfect length for one, and right now I’m on issue #41. So, needless to say, I’m a fan. :smiley:


They really are the perfect length to read during breaks. You’ve made it so far into the series!


Yes! I’m so excited to reread these :smile: :heart:


It’s such a fun series! :smile:


No surprise here, my favorite reinvented version is Supergirl. I loved the relationship between her and Stargirl. The fact that they made them Night Witches only made it better. I’m still fangirling. I could say more on her, but that doesn’t come until later. :grin:

Honestly there is so much to love about this series. So many versions that I wholly enjoyed. Harley and Ivy to be sure were absolutely wonderful. I love how Mera interacts with the sailors and asks about their sweethearts.

I tried to copy some of my favorite panels, but to quote:

Supergirl, Issue #15, “We were taught to be good, and we were taught to be careful. But in this world, sometimes, i do not think we can be two at once.”

Batwoman, Issue #17 panel 6, her entire monologue is fantastic


Which character’s reinvented version has been your favorite?

Oof, that’s a hard question, because there’s so much to choose from! Mera is fun, she has this manic pixie dream girl vibe she puts on that helps her cope with her own inner pain and tragedy.

Wonder Woman is AWESOME, love how she directly is this morally kind and compassionate woman, willing to even stand up to her colleagues when they are about to commit an injustice.

Batwoman is great as well, love her navigating through the world of spyhood with Selina and Lex.

Finally, Supergirl and Stargirl really go through a great arc, I loved the pages of them literally tearing themselves out of the propaganda posters.

I’ll go into favorite pages and panels later. :slight_smile:

Which characters would you like to see interact more?

In these pages, I would like to see Batwoman interact with the Bombshells more – so far it feels like she’s been the least connected with everything that’s going on. It also seems like Big Barda at this point has really only been there to hang out, we really haven’t seen her in action yet.

  1. Which character’s reinvented version has been your favorite?

Harley quinn and Ivy for sure and surprisingly Zatanna and rabbit Constantine.

  1. What were some of your favorite panels/moments?

Like @nu52 mentioned batwomans whole monologue going into the club where the huntress is.

  1. Which characters would you like to see interact more?

Batwoman and The Huntress and Harley quinn and Poison Ivy.

I’ve never read this series so jumping in at #10-18 seems like I missed some stuff but they are definitely short to read through pretty quickly, so I’ll prolly start from #1 and then see. I think it’s more hit or miss for me.


Oh yeah, I had forgotten jumping back into this that Constantine was trapped as a rabbit in this, so that was a sudden surprise. It’s pretty funny seeing this fluffy brown bunny smoking a cigarette. :rofl:


@Jay_Kay 100% and his tie of course