DC... Please Do NOT save Krypton

There are 100s of shows you could do and not save a failed show.


Ya know… I kinda agree. But I would like to have it on here as well. Mostly because I’m not even able to see episodes -_-

Heck why not do both? Save it… and do a new show. Don’t know what DCU’s plans are but guessing by now they at least hoped to have five live action shows (Titans, Doom Patrol, Star Girl, whatever I assume eventually replaces Swamp Thing and something else… I hope).


Krypton is great and would fit great here on DCU


I don’t think the OP has watched the show. It’s pretty awesome.

C’mon, DCU! #SaveKrypton


S2 will be on DC Universe in 2020 but sorry y’all, I agree with DJWolfmanJBeezzy too. I tried and wanted to enjoy it. I couldn’t even finish S1 :disappointed:. It’s an expensive show to produce, so, why not just invest in a new DCU Original or 2! :bat:

Super squirrel … I watched the first 6 episodes. It was horrible.

But that’s not even my real point. Im sick of the non stop save my show campaigns.

There are plenty of other shows we could explore.

I think a lot will boil down to production costs. The took a bath on Swamp Thing, so they might be hedging their economic bets a bit at the moment.

Yea pls don’t save krypton. I couldn’t even finish S1 it was so boring lmao


It’s filmed in Belfast and a lot of it is shot on green screen with special effects added in post production. It’s probably more expensive than what is currently on Dc Universe’s original content library. I don’t know if this service could afford it.

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It’s not a failed show. WarnerMedia simply will not meet SyFy’s expectations on streaming rights.


Besides, one could argue this very service exists in part due to the efforts to resurrect a certain show…



Look at the ratings. No one watched it.

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Not everyone has cable in this day and age, especially given the rise of streaming services. Just as importantly, with said rise, people would rather watch a show when they want than some rigid schedule, be it the day after the episode aired or let it build up and then binge. And if the numbers for Krypton on here are good, DC Universe could pick it up.



@DeSade-acolyte Is Krypton that expensive? I mean, it’s a nice looking show but didn’t think it was Swamp Thing level cost.


Sorry, DJ.

#SaveKrypton is trending. :grinning:


I’m kinda torn with this. I love Krypton, especially season two. And I know they have years of stories planned. Bringing it back for at least one more season so that everything can be wrapped up would be ideal, for both the writers and the fans.

That being said, sometimes an end is an end. Not every show needs to be saved, and I think there are too many petitions and campaigns about cancelled TV shows.

So maybe bring it back as a comic? Or even start over as a series based in regular DC continuity. A movie could also be a good way to conclude the story.

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One advantage of picking up Krypton is that DCU already has data on DCU community interest based on season 1 viewings and the various discussions here. Theoretically, there would be less risk with Krypton than a new show. Obviously, costs and logistics would still have to be weighed, and if major changes are required, the impacts of those changes on community reception would also have to be considered.

I think the actor is well received here and is definitely a passionate fan. Even if Krypton doesn’t pan out (as a season or tv movie), hopefully he can continue to be involved in the community.


Yes! Let’s save Krypton!!! Great show!!!