DC Phone Wallpapers (Post Yours!)


Thanks a didily!

Thanks but yea, that really bugs me, it’s my name not your name. It’s ok though, you can’t be blamed

Thank you, Biff.
I think Dolphin high find and butt flowers rank pretty high up on “100 things to experience before the age of 46 or whenever you get to it”.

It’s an incursion day. But also, happy birthday again, I do hope you have a good one. Got some good comic reading in your sights today or going a different route?
Thanks-a doodle

Grodd thanks you on this occasion. Don’t just take it as a light endeavor of diplomacy though, feel the genuine sentiment, think about it. Let the sentiment sink into your easily-manipulated, feeble, human mind


I’m reading just one issue here one there. I’ve got a Cavs game tonight on my birthday. Planning on being on here for a little bit. Then watching tv. I let it get an hr ahead so I don’t have to watch commercials or halftime. Then I’m gonna watch Cavs & tv all night lol. I got my 1st Browns birthday win since Ravens like 2004’ this year. There’s always a game on or near my birthday & last win was then. We played u Monday Night (Cincinnati) & were on a bye week. So that was my birthday game this year… & I finally broke that curse. I can’t get too greedy tonight. Got 3 Cavs “around” my birthday wins, including 2 overtime wins vs Boston already. Hope we do what we should & win this one on my actual birthday but again, more then I could normally ask for already. @msgtv juggernauts when Milwaukee & Cleveland go at it, at least judging by what’s happening now? I do actually fear the deer this year. Can’t be too many other teams that have only one loss? I haven’t checked. I just know u are the last remaining undefeated team & I doubt there’s a ton of 6-1 teams?


I have not had a chance to check the Cavs yet this year, but I want to. I have the NBA pass, so I’ll watch on the Cleveland channel I do the same thing with Bucks games, at least 30 minutes or more, then zip through commercials


Exactly. I’m just now logging off to do so I’m late. They talk about Milwaukee nonstop during our games. We must be more concerned with u then u us. That doesn’t bode well lol.


I have this abstract of an imaginary Krypto as my home screen on my iPhone since I purchased it a few years ago. I can probably keep it for another year, past the most recent i0s upgrade and will probably only change it when I upgrade models.

And I have this Manupul extracted image of Connor in flight over Smallville from the 2010 Superboy run by Jeff Leimire as the lock screen on my iPad.