DC Pajamas

I am looking for DC onesies pajamas for adults. I see the Batman, Supes, Woman of Wonder, one of the Flashes, OG Harley, OG BG, um, Aquaman?!

How did GL not make the cut?

My family has done small group onesies but we’ve added more to the family and trying to decide how to do this. Maybe we separate by families? Curious is anyone else has done this? Would love to see photos!


You can always make your own.


Yeah that’s what my mom did back in the day, made me and my dad some awesome Batman pajama pants, wish they could still fit me but she made those when I was like 4 lol.


Just lose a whole lot of weight to make them fit. Become one with a toothpick.


I have a Soft Superman PJ with his symbol, and the Justice League with Batman, Superman, Green Lantern, The Flash and Aquaman, technology both pj are pants. :slightly_smiling_face:


I totally would if I had time, but its last minute for travel. I’ll just turn the Flash onesie inside out and be Reverse Flash.


Great idea!

They make toddler onesies so obviously they recognize that there is a market. I’ve seen Green Lantern PJ pants in the wild but the ones on line at the moment are kind of ugly. If you see someone who does crafty stuff on Etsy you might ask if they would put something together or do it yourself with PJ pants and a top and some elbow grease for future needs?