DC One Million Reading Order

My own personal reading order for DC One Million

“Prologue” - Chronos # 1,000,000, JLA # 23 Epilogue

“Chapter 1” - DC One Million # 1-2

“Chapter 2” - Impulse # 1,000,000, Superman: Man of Steel # 1,000,000, Superman # 1,000,000

“Chapter 3” - Batman: Shadow of the Bat # 1,000,000, Nightwing # 1,000,000, Detective Comics # 1,000,000

“Chapter 4” - Starman # 1,000,000, JLA # 1,000,000, DC One Million # 3

“Chapter 5” - Batman # 1,000,000, Catwoman # 1,000,000, Robin # 1,000,000

“Chapter 6” - Wonder Woman # 1,000,000, Aquaman # 1,000,000

“Chapter 7” - Power of Shazam # 1,000,000, Flash # 1,000,000

“Chapter 8” - Action Comics # 1,000,000, Adventures of Superman # 1,000,000, Superman: Man of Tomorrow # 1,000,000

“Chapter 9” - Green Lantern # 1,000,000, Martian Manhunter # 1,000,000

“Chapter 10” - Resurrection Man # 1,000,000, DC One Million # 4

Several tie-ins aren’t included as they did not impact the main story.

A case could be made for Superboy # 1,000,000 being included in “Chapter 2” but I personally skip it.

Optional reading is Power of Shazam # 1,000,000. However, the main characters in this issue show up in the Flash issue, so I include it in my reread.



I think this is one of the series that I have deliberately kept and actually there’s still one or two issues of some of the titles that came out then I’m still looking for. I do wish that someday somebody would revisit that world of the 1 million JLA.

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@Don-El If you want relatively newer DCOM related content, there’s the Worlds’ Finest arc from Superman/Batman #'s79 and 80.

It stars the DCOM Superman, Batman and Robin.

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Do you know what year that was? there’s a couple different iterations of Superman Batman I think here.

Got it, thx Vroom!

DC One Million is perhaps the greatest DC Annual crossover event of all time. If not the best, definitely top tier.


I have a question… Is it necessary to read all the tie-in issues or could I read just the core miniseries ( 4 issues )?
Is there anything missing if I chose to read just 4 issue miniseries vs reading every single tie issue ( I think there’s 38 issues for the full complete tie-ins )

Not trying to toot my own horn, kingblood, but reading it in the order I show above is pretty epic and you can find all these issues right here on DCUniverse.

Buuut, if you just want a quick read with the gist, I’d say

DC One Million 1-2
Starman 1,000,000
JLA 1,000,000
DC One Million 3-4

Technically you don’t even need Starman, but JLA 1,000,000 is written by Morrison and might as well be titled DC One Million issue 2.5

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Like most big events, you can get a complete story just by reading the core issues. The tie-ins help fill in the world, but are not essential to the main plot.


Do you happen to know where I can find a CORRECT reading order for all the individual character tie-in issues to the DC-1 million event? I have found a bunch of reading orders for the DC 1 million event however they all seem to contradict each other not very many of them give the exact same order A lot of people have put together their own personal orders which is not very helpful and even the ones that are claimed to be official like I said contradict other reading orders.

Also I’m wondering does DC universe …this app that we are using right now, correctly put issues in order? I know that they semi put them in the correct order but can anybody else confirm this?

I have the One Million omnibus. Let me take a look tomorrow. I would suspect that the order that they are published by DC themselves (in the omnibus) would be as close to correct as you can find.

I’ll post something tomorrow unless someone else can get to it before I do.

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Oddly, the Omnibus has no table of contents or index. Apologies.

No worries …it’s just real frustrating! for example DC universe app has Azrael 1 million before Catwoman 1million… But Catwoman has a quick cameo in Azeral 1 million. Also Catwoman debuts in Batman 1 million which comes after Azrael 1 million.

Just start by reading the mini series straight thru. Then I would suggest the Superman titles and JLA tie ins. After That you can pick character threads that interest you.

I think I may give your list a try… I kind of started reading some of the tie-ins and already I’m seeing inconsistencies. The DC universe app should take the time to put the issues in order I would think I mean we are paying for this app but I think I’ll give your a list of shot

When I saw this order…I didn’t understand…then I started to read some of the tie in issues…now your order looks like it make more sense

So issues like creeper 1,000,000 and chase 1,000,000 and legionnaires 1,000,000 legion of superheroes 1,000,000…where would these issues fall into continuity? Or are they just simple stand alones? however I do know legionnaires and legion the superheroes are part one and part two of the same story

I also happened to notice that the boom suit given to supes in adventures of Superman 1 million happens prior to the Superman Man of steel 1 million issue. ( I suppose because this is a grant Morrison event… Continuities a bit screwy and there’s probably no real way to properly put it in order I’ve read that Morrison kind of throws continuity out the window once in awhile.

Morrison just dropped the ball on the order! That is the conclusion I have come to lol. I’m a wierdo…I like to try and read all comics in the “in universe conitutiy”. As if I were watching a TV show.