DC: News Poll Which Villain who is most fearsome

DC News asked the question.
“Which Villain Who Is The Most Fearsome?”

  • Lex Lithor
  • The Koker
  • Black Adam
  • Sinestro

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Sinestro beyond a doubt
Luthor & Joker aren’t even fierce. Luthor with the Battle Suit, a bit, but the Joker…now that’s funny. Black Adam is a big strong dude. I can see each of them producing fear.

However to be truly fearful, you must embody of fear. Eat with it, drink with it, sleep with it. Create an entire Corps to believe in that vision of using fear, and allow them to stand against any force.

The man who killed the Guardians, single handed.

The only proper answer is Sinestro.


The Koker is definitely the answer.


Why? Sinestro can blow him away from far distance. He’s the easiest of 3 targets for Sinestro to kill.

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Brainiac should have been an option-and he would/should win

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Trigon the Terrible gets my vote. Dude conquered Millions of dimensions.

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I won’t deny that I’d have made a different list of villains. But, I was going off the poll from the article.