DC needs to experiment more with its animation styles

While I love Bruce Timm animation style, I feel like its cast a shadow on DC animated movies. The newer DC animated movies have ranged from passable to amazing in terms of story (except for the Killing Joke), but they all kind of look the same unless they hire Bruce Timm again. The exception to this would be Batman Ninja which I personally thought was an amazing movie but apparently people on this app seem to hate it and was mostly done by Japanese studios instead of Warner Bros/DC. DC needs to take risks and hire new animation directors with fresh on these characters and stories instead of falling back on a guy who is arguably reaching the twilight of his career


Most of the current animated films take place in the same “universe” that’s why they have similar animation. Usually the stand alone films have a different style. It helps keep them connected.

If I understand what you’re saying the reason why so many of the movies look the same is because
Justice League: War
JL: Throne of Atlantis
JL: Dark
Son of Batman
Batman vs Robin
Batman:Bad Blood
JL vs Teen Titans
Teen Titans: The Judas Contract
Death of Superman
Reign of the Supermen

are all in the same universe. Please correct me if I’m wrong or left something out.

I ADORED Batman: Ninja for its sheer sense of style. I agree wholeheartedly: bolder direction in animation is sorely needed by DC. They thrive in animation when they put some effort in.

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The thing that bothers me most about the up coming Hush movies is it’s gonna be in the New 52 animation style instead of having the Jim Lee look.

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I certainly agree with the idea of mixing it up a bit.

But don’t you go talking smack about my bro Phil Bourassa. He’s awesome.

Batman Ninja was the best superhero movie of 2018 :+1:

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The animation styles are just fine. Since 2014, they have started a New 52 animated continuity. This allows them to make more movies in a year since doing a different style from scratch takes extra time. We get 3 or more movies a year. Before 2014, we were only getting 2 a year. And we get at least one movie a year that’s not part of the New 52 continuity.

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It’s probably time for them to experiment with new styles. Keep things fresh and all. Just don’t do it at the expense of what works and is beloved (not talking to you New 52 design).


Netflix series… Love, Death & Robots


New animation would be alright if it’s not within the new 52 continuity.

They could do something like they did with Gotham Knight. I’d like that.

I liked the Killing Joke animation. It was like the Graphic.

Best DC animation I’ve seen in a DC animated film?

The Batman vs Dracula.

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I feel like they got a little bit lazier after flashpoint.

I think I would get a lot more excited about adaptations. If they actually were in styles emulating the book itself. I was actually really excited for hush until I heard it was going to be in the new 52.

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My biggest complaint about the Batman: Hush adaptation being part of the New 52 universe is Jim Lee’s artwork always seem to have been one of the big draws and selling points for the comic. I’ll be completely honest I’m biased because Jim Lee has been my favorite artist for 30 years. So not only is the story being changed to fit into the N52 animated universe but the they’re not even attempting to mimic the art.

With that being said I’m still excited for the movie and will happily watch it.

I loved Batman ninja too

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I loved the aesthetic of Batman Ninja, but I was not a fan of any of the other elements really. But my gosh, it was beautiful to watch. I would love to see more animation styles, but I also understand why they have the movies that are in continuity share an animation style. And to be honest, I really can’t get enough of the Timms designs. I could look at his art and designs all day every day

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