DC Nation on Cartoon Network: who watched it?

Running on Cartoon Network from March 3rd, 2012 to March 29th 2014 was the DC Nation programming block that ran for one hour every Saturday morning and featured two half hour shows. The shows that ran during DC Nation were :

-Young Justice
-Green Lantern: The Animated Series
-Teen Titans Go!
-Beware The Batman

Brief animated shorts were interspersed into the block as well (all of which are available right here on DCU. Just search for “DC Nation shorts” and they should all pop up).

In addition to the DC Nation shorts, there were other interstitial bits of programming in the block. Shorts that would ask if a certain character’s skills could be recreated IRL (such as Green Arrow’s archery precision) or different things like a look from the Warner Brothers lot at the Batmobiles from live action Batman productions and “could The Flash really run like that in real life?”, etc.

DC also produced a tie-in magazine for the block called (wait for it…) DC Nation. It ran for two issues.

Here’s the first trailer for DC Nation:

A subsequent trailer heavily featuring the then recently debuted “reveal/peel” DC logo:

A collection of DC Nation commercials/bumpers:

Another collection of the similar material:

Did you watch DC Nation on Cartoon Network? If so, what was your favorite thing about it?


I did! It was a great era that went away all too quickly. In fact, for several years, I despaired at the thought of those animated DC Shorts disappearing from the internet - to the point that I even lobbied Warners Archives for a DVD with all of them.

So I’m incredibly happy to have the DC Nation Animated Shorts here on DCU. Heck, it’d be fun to have some of those other shorts here as well too!

My favorite part? Well, Young Justice of course. But as far as the extras are concerned, I must admit that I have a soft spot for those Animal Man shorts.

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In the first DC Nation trailer, there are glimpses of three shorts that have yet to be publicly seen (AFAIK):

-live action Jamie Reyes Blue Beetle
-Lego Batman
-a guy dressed up as Batman saying “Yeeeaaahhhh!” as he slaps a Bat-emblem on the side of his car and revs up his ride

Those would be fun to see someday, especially the live action Blue Beetle short.

I too had wanted the shorts on DVD, but they’ve been available on the Cartoon Network YT channel since they aired (and are still there, in addition to being here) so that was good enough for me. Having them on DCU is perfect too!


I was in my mid twenties when this came on. It was the closest feeling I had to getting excited for Saturday Morning cartoons since I was a kid. So happy most of the shorts exist online and here.

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If you’d like more DC oriented Saturday morning animated goodness, be sure to check out the “Saturday Mornings Watch-a-Long” thread in the Watchtower section.

Cartoons and cereal. Two great tastes that go together like chocolate and everything.

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I was a big fan of this block. I miss Green Lantern:TAS. Thought it was fantastic and would love to see DC Universe bring it back.

Teen Titans is a given. It was a great, enough said.

Green Lantern: TAS though was initially off putting because of the animations, but damn if I didn’t love the show after I watched through it. Especially Aya and Razer. They were original side characters done right. They were extremely compelling as characters and vital to the progression of the show. I absolutely starved for more when Razer got the blue ring, and started looking for Aya.