DC NATION: Harley Quinn is Back to Save Gotham...Whether Gotham Likes It or Not!

Harley Quinn and Gotham City have a…complicated relationship, to put it mildly. But as DC fans know, Harley’s been on a path towards something resembling redemption for some time now, as seen mostly recently in last year’s Batman storyline “The Joker War,” where she fought alongside the Dark Knight against the Joker’s all-out assault on Gotham.

In the new Harley Quinn ongoing series, debuting this week as part of DC’s current Infinite Frontier era, Future State: Harley Quinn writer Stephanie Phillips and superstar artist Riley Rossmo team up to tell the story of Harley returning to Gotham City to make amends for the sins of the past—whether or not the city’s ready for Dr. Harleen Quinzel’s distinct brand of healing.

With Harley Quinn #1 in stores today, DC Nation spoke with Phillips and Rossmo about Harley’s new status quo, new costume, and what redemption might look like for one of the most chaotic individuals in the DC Universe.

Check out the full interview in the News Section of dccomics.com!

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Of course I picked it up.

I really liked this issue and can’t wait to read more of Harley’s road to redemption. It looks like a long one!

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