So I was thinking I’d finally create a fun thread I had been thinking about for awhile now. What is you guys favorite DC music? From movies to video games I love a lot of themes they use for the DC characters. My two particular favorites are The Dark Knight Returns movie which has a great score and the Arkham games. Both pieces of media give me this great sense of what Batman’s world is like and the music is really fitting for how
Epic the story their telling is. I like a lot of other themes as well such as: Superman theme from the Christopher Reeve movies, Wonder Woman’s new theme for the DCEU, Justice League tv show intro song, and a bunch of others. But comment below and tell me what you guys remember the most or what sticks with you? What is something you can hear from a DC show that really gets you pumped or just catches you into listening to it?


You can’t go wrong with the following themes:

-John Williams’ Superman
-Jerry Goldsmith’s Supergirl
-Danny Elfman’s Batman
-Hans Zimmer’s work for Superman and Wonder Woman
-Benjamin Wallfisch’s Shazam

Also, every piece of music in the DCAU is perfect.


Definitely John Williams Superman.

Then Danny Elfman Batman.

Then Hans Zimmer Batman.

I also enjoy the music from Batman & Superman Animated series.

Also the 90s Flash TV series music.

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Every song on Doom Patrol has been awesome. I keep asking for an album/vinyl release.


I agree @DukeGaga311 the Doom Patrol music has been great!! I love the opening theme a lot!

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