DC Music Collections

Obviously comic books and action figures dominate the superhero collectible scene, but is anybody else a music nerd? I love orchestral scores for movies and games! And I have a couple DC related records:

Vinyl records are kind of like comics, there can be a lot of variants and different reissues.
Anybody else collect or have vinyl or CD’s?


What an epic collection, @LDFM! :smiley:

I have always loved DC’s music, but don’t have anything even close to this awesome collection.


Thanks @ZatannaAndHerSpells!
It’s actually pretty minimal… There’s a lot of releases I don’t have, I had The Dark Knight trilogy for example.
I’m hoping this thread will take, there’s some BTAS releases that are really cool, even the recent Aquaman movie soundtrack on CD is pretty rare last I checked.

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I love movie and tv scores . The expanded Batman Danny Elfman set is my fave.


was able to get my hands on those HBO Watchmen music scores and oh boy! They are packed and full of supplement material as if they are records from the Watchmen universe. For example vol. 1 is packaged as an album titled ‘The Book Of Rorschach’ from a band Sons Of Pale Horse, but make no mistake the record is in fact vol. 1 of the musical score for the series. Composed by Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross nonetheless (vol. 3 is from The Nine Inch Nails, the name the band took in said universe). The lore is crazy deep and tons of fun to read. All highly recommend if you can ever see them out there.