DC Multiverse Lobo Wave Review

Note: this review will be for three of the four figures in the Lobo wave: Kingdom Come Superman, Kid Flash, and the Kyle Rayner Green Lantern. I’ve yet to find the fourth figure, a comic based Batman Beyond, but once I do I’ll add my thoughts on him and the then completed Lobo Collect & Connect figure to this thread. Onward!

Kingdom Come Superman:

A long awaited figure for some, this Superman of a dystopian era finally sees life in six inch scale plastic form from Mattel. He is now Mattel’s second Kingdom Come Superman figure, after the one found in series two of the single bagged DC Super Friends figures from Mattel’s Imaginext brand.

The sculpt is quite nice. Superman has a bit of age to his face as a KC Superman in this scale should, although not quite to the extent of DC Direct’s iteration. That can be excused here, as I don’t believe Mattel was going for a figure that bears likeness to Alex Ross’s artwork the way DC Direct was.

Paint on the head is adequate and well done for the rest of the body. His hair doesn’t have the pronounced white temples but a decent amount of white paint is lightly applied in other areas of his hair. The white temples would’ve been nice, but what’s there gets the job done.

Accessories are light but appropriate as Superman comes with two interchangeable flight hands, both of which snap in and out very easily. He also comes with Lobo’s upper torso and necklace.

The articulation is great. Swivel head, ball jointed shoulders, an crunch, waist, ball jointed legs, double jointed knees and front to back ankles. Plenty of movement to get Superman into great poses.

Overall: 4/5.

Kid Flash


Kid Flash:

Originally slated to be a Toys R Us exclusive alongside Beast Boy (who will debut in the Batman Ninja wave), comes Wallace West in his modern suit.

The sculpt and paint are nice. His feet have nice detail, especially the treads of his boots. Solid work overall.

Articulation is very nice. Swivel head, ball jointed shoulders, swivel bicep, single jointed elbows, swivel and hinge wrists, an crunch, swivel waist, ball legs, thigh cuts, double jointed knees, front, back and side to side ankles.

Accessories are light but that’s fine. Like Superman, he comes with interchangeable hands. One pair is fists while the other hands are outstretched to mimic running. He also comes with both of Lobo’s arms as well as Lobo’s two foot long (at least) chain, which is made of metal.

Overall: 5/5

Kyle Rayner Green Lantern:

The Main Event. I’ve been wanting a six inch Four Horsemen sculpted classic Kyle Rayner GL for years. He, the modern Batwoman and a new 6" classic Tim Drake Robin have been the Top Three figures on my Wish List for years. We’ve now got two of those three, so hopefully we can still get Tim in his classic Robin togs before Mattel’s license ends.

The sculpting is excellent. It’s everything you could want in a figure of Kyle in his classic (also modern) GL suit. The crabmask is nicely done as are the arm gauntlets and his power ring is sculpted as well.

The accessories are perfect. Kyle’s power battery and an energy effect piece are present. The power battery fits into his left hand while the energy effect goes over his right hand. The energy piece can fit over his left hand with a little work, but it is primarily intended for the right hand. Kyle also comes with Lobo’s legs.

Articulation is on point too. Swivel head, ball shoulders, swivel biceps, single elbows, swivel and hinge wrists. Also in attendance are an ab-crunch joint, waist swivel, ball legs, thigh swivels, double knees and front and back ankles with side to side rotation.

An absolutely solid figure in every way. He was very much worth the wait.

Overall: 6/5

Thanks for the reviews Vroom. Informative as always…can’t wait till it’s easier to share pics in this forum, to go along with reviews like this. Question for you…do any of the figures come with double jointed elbows (you are probably know the one I’m interested in by now :joy:).

@moro…I’ve got a super idea on who you might be interested in :wink:

No double jointed elbows in the lot, even for The Main Man.

I have had my Kyle Rayner on order from Amazon since December and I’m fairly certain he is never coming.

I’ve noticed the Amazon pre-order dates keep getting pushed back further and further on all Multiverse figures. That’s odd. I contemplated a Vixen pre-order weeks ago but decided against it, based on the shifting dates.

Have you tried Target stores in your area for the Lobo wave? That’s where it seems to be landing in physical stores. I would hope Walmart gets it too.

My Target is not the greatest action figure, I was there last week and they had a total of two multiverse figures. Wonder Girl and DKR Wonder Woman.

The upside to that is someone can get the Dr. Psycho figure all at once.

The Target I went to last night had Duke Thomas and Batwoman, the same two Multiverse figures they’ve had for at least a month. If they were $5.98 like Multiverse is at some stores, I’d pick up Batwoman for a boxed double and Duke to display with his unmasked head as the one I have has the masked head on.

Target looks to be due for a reset soon. Maybe that will push the Lobo wave out more. Two Walmarts I frequent have had empty Multiverse pegs for weeks (other than the Shazam wave, which blew through wicked fast) so something’s got to be coming soon and in decent numbers.

The target reset has happened but it’s the lex wave with no Jessica Cruz’s

I’ve seen a reset of sorts the past two nights at Target to accommodate the Shazam and Primal Age stuff. The Luthor wave is showing up more and more for sure as I’ve seen Vixen three times now. One can hope the Lobo wave shows up there again soon and at Walmart too.

Jess might be a tough find ATM. BBTS doesn’t sell her individually. I’d offer Amazon as a suggestion but I’ve only seen her for sale from sellers and not Amazon proper.

Finally got a hold of Batman Beyond! The wave is complete and Lobo is built.

Batman: Paint is solid. There’s not much room for detail given his design, but what’s there is nice.

BB’s articulation is solid. He features:

  • single jointed elbows
  • swivel and hinge wrists
    -ab crunch
    -up and out legs
    -thigh swivels
    -double jointed knees
    -ankles with back and forth movement and rocker rotation

That equals 27 points of movement for Mr. McGinnis.

The accessories are plentiful too. There’s some reuse from the Matty Collector exclusive Batman Beyond that was in the Total Heroes line via the four Batarangs and outstretched wings that this Terry comes with. Not at all a problem IMO as It’s a good reuse of existing elements. The other accessories are an interchangeable head showcasing Terry’s angry eyes and gritted teeth and two interchangeable hands, both outstretched to mimic flight poses (can be used for fighting poses, but I feel they’re primarily for flight).

Batman also features the heads for the Lobo Collect and Connect figure (regular and Rebirth versions) and Lobo’s lower torso piece.

All in all, a great figure.

Congrats on the pick up, @Vroom :slightly_smiling_face:

Lobo Collect and Connect figure:

Feetal’s Gizz, this guy rocks!. Lobo is the best figure in the wave after Kyle.

The heads are well done. I love the “Yeah! Bring it on Clyde!” look on the face of his regular head. Classic Lobo all the way!

The head that is inspired by Lobo’s Rebirth look is schway too. His mouth is closed and the face is more stoic. The goggles are simple, but nicely done as is the hair and beard detail.

Clothing details are great. The zipper, pockets, spikes, and folds in The Main Man’s leather vest are all rendered expertly.

Lobo’s belt is finely detailed with extra detail in the skull buckle.

The boots are a treasure trove of detail! From the skull knee guards to the rivets around them and the stars above the skulls, there’s alot to like.

The boot details get better as you go down. A nice black paintwash is applied to the metal guard on each boot to give them a suitably worn look. Small rivets on the left and right side of each guard are visible and nicely detailed.

The feet conclude the impressive detail of this figure. The laces are nice, but the heel and toe guards stand out the most. Quality sculpted details combined with quality paint work unite for a nice finale to Lobo in the detail arena.

The last czarnian features the following articulation:

-bicep swivels
-single jointed elbows
-swivel and hinge wrists
-ab crunch
-up and out legs
-double jointed knees
-ankle rotation

A total of 27 points of articulation for the galaxy’s #1 dolphin loving frag machine.

Accessories: a two-foot (at minimum) chain made of real metal along with a necklace and leather vest, both which are removable.

Overall: Awesome, just awesome! Between this release and his appearance in the Justice League Action line, its very nice to see Lobo finally get love in mass market released action figures. I don’t have the DC Universe Classics Lobo to compare to his Multiverse iteration, but if you need a Lobo this would be a great one to get.

Rating on the Lobo wave as a whole: 5/5. Nice character choices and a wonderful Collect and Connect figure make this wave one that is definitely worth tracking down.

I finally FINALLY got my Kyle Rayner preorder yesterday. The sculpt is pretty good. like the double knees, bummed by only having a single elbow but my biggest issue with the figure is that he has wrist cankles. Not near as bad as the Batman Night Missions Harley Quinn but its still pretty rough. And a weird little nitpick the illustrations on the box has his now classic 90s chest emblem on his costume and does not reflect his current use of the standard green lantern logo that is on the figure itself.

Here is a comparison between my dc direct Kyle Rayner vs the new dc multiverse figure. The dc direct has no wrist articulation and can get away with thinner wrists, but to make them work on the multiverse figure they had to enlarge is and makes it look more like Kyle has flesh colored chunks on his gloves rather than just exposed areas.


@KouPilot I’m glad you finally got Kyle. Are you getting the rest of the Lobo wave or was Kyle your only point of interest in this series?

I was going to stop with Kyle but I was able to order a damaged package kid flash from amazon so I jumped on that. I don’t have much interest in KC Superman and I have very little hope of finding Batman beyond at a reasonable price. I did just over pay for a vixen so I could complete CNC lex and I’m not eager to do it again.

Sorry to hear about overpaying for Vixen. I hope it wasn’t too much more than retail.

I spent a bit more than retail to get Batman Beyond so I sympathize.

It wasn’t too bad. I paid $32 for her, When you consider lex’s torso alone seemed to be going for over retail.