DC Movies Are Good Now

DC Movies are actually good now in my opinion. With Aquaman and Shazam!, I’ve noticed that the DC film universe (whatever it’s called now) has got some good directors and writers recently. Looking forward to the future of DC films


Matt Reeves, Patty Jenkins, Todd Philips, Goldstein/Daley, and James Gunn. I’m not hip to Cathy Yan, but excited to see what she’s all about. It’s looking pretty great. I do worry about The Flash movie that seemingly has the entire WGA membership on the screenplay credit. But the future looks good, indeed.


You didn’t like Man of Steel or WoWo?


I have never had an issue with the DC movies, our comics have such an extensive back ground with story arcs and elseworld stories, ive enjoyed everyone of course i can admit they arent all winners and there have been mistakes but all in all im a fan, a Green Lantern fan and our movie didn’t work right at all but it will. they all will mow that there is no one hindering the story tellers.


I’ve been enjoying DC movies since I was six. I think most of them are good and Catwoman aside, even the bad ones have their moments.


DC movies have been good for years


shazzam didnt make back the kind funds it should have though

I enjoy all the movies. The extended cut of BvS was a much better version than the theatrical release and JL gets better everytime I watch it. I even liked GL and SS.


What should Shazam have made? I think $350m is about what I’ve seen most people project. You could argue that Shazam should have been released at Christmas but I’m not sure you would see $100m or more jump in the BO. I think some fans look at Ant-Man as a way to judge what Shazam should make with out not only considering the Marvel BO bump or the lack of star power in Shazam. I’m not trying to take anything away from the actors in Shazam but the reality is AM has more star power. You could also make the argument the AM hit his pre Endgame BO ceiling with Ant-Man and the Wasp. Also I think DC fans (myself included) need to realize Shazam is barely a blip on the radar of the general public.

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They were expecting an Ant-Man type gross from Shazam. They were never expecting a billion dollar movie.

And to be fair, Shazam had a $100M budget and has +$300M in gross. So it is a success for them. And it’s still out.

In my opinion of not for being part of the MCU Ant-Man would be sitting right there with Shazam box office wise while having a budget of about $50m more. Also DC still only has very little good will unlike Marvel. And what little good will DC has right now more than likely could be wiped away with one bad movie. Please know I’m not throwing off on Shazam or DC at all. I just think of you step back and look at everything like a character the general public knows very little if anything about, Endgame tickets going on sale the same week of release and Endgame destroying the BO $350 is probably a great number.