Dc Movie Rumors

So, there has been some rumors lately about Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill not getting to reprise their roles. I for one would love to see more movies from these amazing actors. I believe I’ve seen justice league 5 times total when it was in the theatre. 3 in 2D and 2 in Imax . What do you guys think of these rumors ? Do you think Warner will get new actors or just focus on other projects as of now?

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I pray it’s just rumors. Filthy, ugly, untrue rumors

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I wouldn’t mind if Affleck doesn’t reprise the role, but I want Cavill to at least star in a MoS sequel. Honestly feel that despite how well he’s portrayed supe, capable writers and directors will truly allow him to showcase a riveting performance I know he’s capable of.


I wouldn’t mind if Affleck stepped aside as Batman. He was great in BvS but I was never a fan of WB casting an older Bruce/Bats. And if WB were smart they would’ve paid Henry what he asked for so he could stay on as Superman, but it doesn’t seem like they are so now we have a DC movie universe with our 2 flagship characters (Superman and Batman) in limbo.

Disappointing to say the least.


If Affleck does reprise his role, I want him to cut on the muscle and be a little more thin than he is. Because a younger Batman won’t be than thin

Until dc state it I ain’t tryna listen


I hope they continue to stay on as the characters. Henry is finally ready to be the Superman we know and love. And for Affleck i just want him to get his stand alone Batman film. He did a great job in BvS. Just hope he gets to play the role 1 more time.

I wouldn’t mind if they recasted Ben but if they do hope they do it fast so that we can get that solo batman film for 2020. But I believe Henry Cavill has is my superman and MoS was such a great movie to me could’ve been better but was still great would love to see him star in 2 more solo films and more team films and even cameo in Shazam and Supergirl film