DC motion pictures vs DC anime

I seriously think that some one should bring this up in the next board meeting or something. “DC animated movies are so much better then DC theatrical films”. Not only are they beautifully drawn, but they’re extremely well written and the voice acting for the characters are superb. I think if WB and DC want to make great motion picture, they need to get the anime writers to write the actual script and get a good motion picture director. Something fresh and dark. What do you guys think.

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Besides Batman Ninja, I don’t think DC has any other anime films. Unless you count Teen Titans type stuff as anime.

But I think DC’s animated films are a bit better than their live action movies personally, Batman vs Superman comes close to the animated/comic book film though.


I meant that Batman vs Superman comes close to the animated film/comic book feel*.


I think the OP was referring to the animated movies in a general sense by using anime to describe them.

Batman: Gotham Knight is considered an anime movie and the Batman of Shanghai DC Nation shorts are anime also, as is Batman Ninja.

Geez Batman, let some other franchise get a foothold in anime for a change =)

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He means animated movies in general, and yes i agree. Batman year one and red hood are phenomenal. The animated movies are waaaaaaaay better. I get more chills and tear up more watching the animated movies and tv shows.

DCAU is far superior to DCEU. However, look at the sheer number of movies MCU has created or co-created in the last 20 years (Marvel had their first real hit with X-Men in 2000) They have more experience and they’ve had some flops too, like the two Fantastic Four movies and the 2003 Hulk as well.

I think they could and should make live-action versions of

Gotham by Gaslight
JL: Doom
JL: Gods and Monsters

The biggest issue is that superhero movies seem to have taken on the requirement to be these epic 2.5+ movies (OK, because of all the CGI credits are 12 minutes of that run time). One thing about DCAU that works is they are working in a 1:15-1:25 time window. So the stories really have to be tight and the pacing fast. However, I think 1:45 min live-action of any of the above, is possible and still keep the script tight and the pacing fast.

DCAU is far superior to MAU. But, as it stands, MCU kicks DCEU hard.
Although it will be interesting to see what they do given Endgame is the end of a huge arc they have been working towards. Might we expect the MCU to have a few issues post-endgame? It’s possible.

The animated films are always on point. I can watch all of them without ever tiring of them.

I disagree.

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Great. To each their own.

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I wish they’d focus on live action and animated TV shows in general. I’ve always felt a weekly episode works better for comics than trying to jam an entire story into under two hours. I don’t know I’ve always liked tv shows more than movies. If it’s a story I like I want more and more of it.