DC Moments That Upset You

What moment/event(s) from any DC related content(comic, movie, tv, game, etc) bothered you? A particular death? A storyline that needs improvement? Odd character behavior? Casting choice you might disagree with? Speak on it(respectfully of course)!

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The handling of Wally West in Heroes in Crisis… Make that the handling of Wally West since the New 52 minus Rebirth.


Alright, I keep mentioning this, but…
The Bat/Cat non-wedding
The issue was well written, I haven’t heard anybody debate otherwise. Tore my heart out of my chest. Good stuff. But. I’m a Bat/Cat shipper who was promised a wedding. You can bet your sweet bippy I wasn’t happy.


I’d say it, but I don’t want to start a World War 3! So it’s best I keep it to myself.

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@Star I agree. There was a massive fuss over this wedding, it was supposed to be this great moment, but…:man_shrugging:t2: Although I know they’d never last forever as a married couple, I kinda wanted it to be “official”- even if just momentarily.


I pretty much didn’t like all of Metal. It was a confusing mess that, as a new reader, really turned me off comics for a bit.


Going old school (relatively speaking - still fairly new in the scheme of things) here: Sarah Essen’s death at the end of No Man’s Land. I knew it was coming and I was still taken aback by how pointless and mean-spirited it was. I enjoyed NML up to that point, but between that and Luthor just straight-up winning, the ending made me kind of mad.


The treatment of Sue Dibny in Identity Crisis. I still think it was too far.


A@JunCture Question


Sue Digby

She had to be not only killed, but burned up with a flameshtrower?

And how did Jean get it into Sue’s house? The power of the Atom does not include the power to minaturize object.

Jean said she brought flamethrower just in case.
Where does one get a flamethrower?

And the other crime done to Sue had the sole purpose to create rifts between the Justice League members

Not necessary to do that to Sue , just for a dark gritty plot point.


@ReaganFan78 LMAO I think I know what you’re getting at and I agree. Better that stay on Twitter and YouTube


Jean got in through the telephone. My least favorite was the retcon of Superboys origin. I prefer the Cadmus origin and not the Lex is a donor.



My phrasing was not well done.

I know Jean went through the telephone.

The question is

How did she bring the flamethrower, which she brought just in case?

The powers of the Atom does not include shrinking objects like flamethrower s , as far as I remember.

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I’m pretty miffed about the 5000 comic limit on DCU

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  1. Smallville - TV Series

I hate this series in a way that generates physiological changes in my body.

I’ve actually yelled at the screen, “Kryptonite doesn’t work that way you idiots!”

This show gets literally everything wrong about Superman. Up to and including when Clark got certain powers. It isn’t Clark Kent, it is someone who has the name Clark Kent.

I just hate this series. Hate it.


2. Sue Dibney

This has been brought up already and I agree.


  1. Kyle Rayner

Kyle is my boy, but he can’t catch a break. His first GF gets chopped up and put in a fridge. His second gets killed… Twice… His best friend gets beaten into a coma by neo-nazis… His mom is killed by a sentient Sinestro ring equipped virus. I just want to hug him sometimes and tell him it’ll be okay.


4. Gotham - TV Series

See Smallville


  1. Supergirl - TV series

Oh do I hate this one.

What if I told you there was a series where a Kryptonian, who was raised on Earth, who became a reporter? How about if their best friend was Jimmy Olsen? In one episode they’re struck by an alien plant called the Black Mercy and had an idyllic life on Krypton during the delusion the plant inflicted? In another one the Kryptonian fights Manchester Black that is titled, “What’s So Funny About Truth and Justice?” Okay what if one of the big antagonists is a rich inventor billionaire CEO with the last name of Luthor? What if everyone says the Kryptonian is the greatest hero on the planet? What if one of the series villains was Brainiac? What if I told you this was Supergirl?

You would say:
You mean Superman? Oh totally Superman. Ah, you mean, “For the Man Who Has Everything,” I loved that story! One of the most famous Superman stories! It’s been made into an Animated movie called Superman vs the Elite! You mean Lex Luthor? Superman! Superman again! … What? What do you mean Supergirl? Supergirl is a teenager in high school, not a reporter. She has met Jimmy, but he’s not her friend. She never faced the Black Mercy! She didn’t fight Manchester black. Isn’t Lena Luthor Lex’s infant daughter from the Our Worlds At War? Supergirl has a phobia of Brainiav and has never fought him!

And that is why I hate Supergirl on the CW.


So basically the tv shows that create their own canon or gender swap? :stuck_out_tongue:

Can’t blame you on that. I use to be this way as well but after some time, I accepted that directors/writers will do what they want and nothing that goes on screen in a long running show will be 100% faithful to lore, not now and not ever.

There was a full legnth Joker fan-film called “Joker Rising”, it’s on Youtube. It has amazing talents but yet gets everything wrong about Joker, Harley, Riddler, Penguin and Killer Croc, all while Black Mask and Batman were represented better than what Nolan could do.

I had a really big issue with them making Riddler a pimp amd Harley a prostitute. I thought it was shameful, I had an even bigger problem with Harley dying which is what made the guy Joker. It’s fan-fiction alright and yet people praised it. That was the day when I just accepted reality that sadly, people are just going to take what they take and abuse it however they see fit with “creative freedom” and people will eat it up.

Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy is another perfect example of this but nobody will say it because Joker and Bane have become iconic throughout the world of entertainment. The double-standard of a fanbase as with every fanbase I suppose, “Let’s give bad representation on heroes or villains a pass and accept it because it’s the cool thing.”

The Dark Knight’s Joker wasn’t Joker, The Dark Knight Rises’ Bane wasn’t Bane but people praised that. I don’t know what I expected looking back, I should have known they’d go with style over substance. At least Ra’s Al Ghul and Catwoman was represented correctly though…

It’s just sad when people can’t tell that integrity and genuine personality of a character is being trampled on.

Meh. Arkham games made up for it, hehe