DC Mods

I don’t mean to start this again, I think it’s fun to think that all DC mods has or may have work on DC comic books, how cool it is with out knowing we are talking to a Comic book artist, writer, or editor. And they are taking their time to interact with us. Whoever they may be, Thankyou all DC Mods for making DC Universe a fun place to visit. :slight_smile:


Aww, thank you so much for the sweet message, @Reaganfan78 :slight_smile: Many thanks to all of you, as well, for making the forums such a welcoming, and wonderful place to mod and interact with everyone on - it’s this fantastic DC community that makes signing in every day the great experience that it is for us, too, you know :smiley:


I’ll toast to that. Thank u Mods for creating such a paradise for us to limitlessly indulge in. Also for remaining sooo professional & courteous to all the members who behave angrily towards you or insult this site. You are truly amazing people for all you have to deal with while providing such an amazing experience. Thank u so much :gift_heart:


To the Mods :beers::+1:t2: