DC Member Hangout Thread!!! (Official Group)

What’s different about it?

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Good night Behemoth!

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It taken place after the war and the main character has memories during the war where she seems to be with another family. She tried to piece the memories together.

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Ooh interesting! Is it based on a true story? Or just historical fiction?

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Historical Fiction

That’s pretty cool. I had the incredible chance to speak with a survivor yesterday and hear her amazing story.

Hey all… sorry I’m late. Was out celebrating some very good news from work today. How’s everyone doing?

I’m pretty good, Timmy. How are you?

@cnzspuk, That’s awesome! I met a Holocaust survivor too! She was a Jehovah Witness.

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What was the exciting news?

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Hi Timmy!

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@RedHood, That’s great! It’s super important that we listen to all of their stories while we still can. Soon there will be no survivors left and we must carry on their stories and their history.

My company does a program every year and grade you on a bunch of things. Myself and one of my employees were in the top 100 from around the world and top 100 are getting an all expense paid trip to the Bahamas.


Sup Red

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How are you cnz?

Wow! Congrats, man!

Thanks… we are pretty excited.

I’m pretty good, thanks for asking! Just enjoying chatting with you guys and reading Descender

A couple of years ago a local college here in Denver partnered with a local DJ who supported war vets and every Thursday theynwouldnhave a class that was open to the public. The classes were lectures from veterans from the 1st and 2nd wars. I went to a few of them and was amazed by the mens stories of the holocaust and trying to save as many people as the could.

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When are you going to the Bahamas? Seems very exciting!