DC Mechs? And More

So now that almost all the mini series are over like titans United blue and gold and justice incarnate there is a lot of weird series coming up including dc mech justice league dinosaurs what are your feelings on this :0_lc_kilowog: :batman_hv_6: :flash_hv_4: :joker_hv_1:

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Blue and Gold still has 1 more issue.

I am excited for Jurassic League and no interest in DC mech.

Batman 89 at this rate is not going to end until 2023.

I assume they are looking at what sells.

I know they just did something similar at the distinguished completion and had a whole line of Funko POPs! to go with it.

But then again, my tastes probably run opposite of what sells big these days.

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As an ardent DC fan who also ardently enjoys toys, I can very easily envision the product that Jurassic League and the mech books could potentially generate.

Whatever the quality of the titles themselves, any associated merchandise would be great, as we just don’t have enough dinosaurs and/or giant robots in the DC toy oeuvre.

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Both DC Mechs and Jurassic League sound so strange and dumb that it turns all the way around to being awesome.

I will say that the writer for Jurassic League, Daniel Warren Johnson, has done some amazing comics as both writer and artist. Wish he was doing the art there besides the covers, but still, can definitely trust him doing something cool with the concept.


Right? Over the top fun, and in the best way.

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You have convinced me I will get the series

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Alright, my degree from Persuasive Salespeople University came in handy, once more! Best $4.99 I’ve ever spent. :+1:t2:

Seriously though, which series, @Blueandred? DC 'Bots, or Jurassic League?

Or are you reading both?

I am greatly looking forward to DC mech I grew up watching things Shows like Gundam, Gigantor (80’s remake) Voltron, Transformers, and other super and real robot shows, and am excited to see how The Mecha work, I am hoping to see that batman has several from the years. however really i hope it’s done ‘right’ and does not just have superman break from his war mech and reintroduce the concept of superheroes.
The jurassic league looks great I am hoping to see Catwoman in it.

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Dc mechs but I heard Jurassic league was really good

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Is. The series is only half way over.

Its only one issue in, but I like DC: Mech quite a bit, so far.