🤖 💥 DC: Mech Discussion Thread (Spoilers; #2 Drops on 8/23) 💥 🤖

You’re obviously a fan of super heroes, but are you also a fan of one of life’s other great, grand and glorious entertainment gifts, i.e. GIANT ROBOTS?

Justice gets an upgrade with this series that begins next Tuesday, July 26th, and before you can say “Its not a Gundam!”, DC: Mech will be on our doorstep, delivering blisteringly-badass mech on mech action in the dynamic DC direction!

Are you going to suit up and pilot your way into DC: Mech? Fire up your Gundam and/or Evangelion (the Big O, maybe?) and sound off below, pilot! :robot:


Covers for #1:

A cover, by Baldemar Rivas.

B cover, by Dan Mora.

C cover, by Team Baldemar Rivas.

D cover (1:25), by Ricardo Lopez.

E cover (1:100), by Karl Kerschl.


DC: Mech #1 is powered-up and on store shelves now!

Have you read the issue? Was it mighty mech on mech action as you like it?

Power-up, Megazord-style, and sound off below!


I just read it yesterday and thought it was entertaining. Love the idea of mixing robot sci-fi with DC, and wasn’t disappointed with the first issue. Enjoyed the dynamic art. Issue does a nice job of setting up the stage for what is likely a very action oriented story, as evidenced by how kinetic this first issue is. Honestly, I just look forward to something that is hopefully just fun. Not every comic has to be a dark deconstruction of what it means to be [insert hero name here]. This a welcome change from all the bleak stuff DC has been putting out recently (cough Batman cough).


Preach mon frere, preach!

Remember, kids: Comics are supposed to be fun.

Sure, the serious stuff has its place and rightfully so.

However, there’s nothing wrong with a series that’s just FUN, either.

Glad you enjoyed the mag, @moro! :superman_hv_4:


DC: Mech #2 hits the stands today!

Here’s a look at the covers:

A cover, by Baldemar Rivas.

B cover, by Dan Mora.

C cover (1:25), by Ricardo Lopez (I love how Evangelion-esque this one is).

D cover (1:50), by Dan Mora.

Are you picking up DC: Mech #2 today? Pilot your way into the thread and sound off on super heroes and giant robots in the dynamic DC way! :robot:

I really like the design of the Wonder Woman mech! This is one series that I’m eagerly awaiting being able to read on DCUI, even though I’m sure it looks really good on paper.

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The anime fan in me prefers Flash’s Evangelion-style mech, but after that? I’m absolutely onboard with Diana’s mech.

Haven’t read it yet, but excited to do so soon.

If McFarlane decides to do something with this series, both my wallet and my display real estate are screwed.

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Same. In fact, it outranked Action #1046 as my Pick of the Week.

:joy: Right?

I wouldn’t mind seeing Bandai do something with DC: Mech. They’ve made amazing Gundam (and other mecha) toys in the past, so I think if they got a license for DCM, they could do wonderful things with it.

'Sides…its been nearly 20 years since Bandai’s last go-around with DC toys, so I think DCM would be a good return point for them.

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Read it last night. Creative team clearly having fun with this one. Definitely enjoyed all the action packed sequences. The whole time I was thinking, “this can make for some good animation”.

But does edge put Action 1046? Not for me. Fan bias of course, but that issue was fantastic.

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Full disclosure: I haven’t read Action #1046 yet, so that may edge out DCM #2, but on the basis of my mecha fandom alone, I had to give POTW to DCM.

That could change, though. We’ll see. :superman_hv_4:

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