DC marketing regarding comic library. Prior to Day 1

Does anyone have or can share what was said about the comic book portion of this service? I knew that the books would be rotated out monthly. Wondering at what point did the increased cost for comics come up? I read a fair amount about the service before I signed up for the 15 months. But at no point did I see additional costs.

However, if the increased costs were first mentioned on Day 1 that is a real issue. If it was a Day 1 surprise I think DC owes many fans a full refund.

All of the DC fans saying people like me are crazy or wrong should stop. This is a bait and switch.


Are you talking about that whole “full library available to purchase in October” message that pops up when searching for something not on the service?

It doesn’t mean you pay an additional fee to get access to the full library (though I can easily see how the wording is confusing). It means that you are able to buy any DC comic digitally using this service. Like how you can buy comics on Comixology. I don’t know when the first time this was mentioned, though I know they mentioned it during the live stream they had with Kevin Smith like a week ago.

They always marketed it as curated like Netflix, where titles rotate in and out. That made me assume we would get titles like full run of 90s Starman and 1980s Suicide Squad that rotate in and out. I was expecting ‘curated’ titles to be 3 issues from a larger story arc, with the ability to buy the rest this coming October, like the majority of titles offered here.


Thanks ThatTwoGuy. I did not watch that show but even if I did it would’ve been too late. I had purchased the 15 month term in July / August. It did not seem at the time that I would need to buy books but more that a selection would be provided and rotated. Can’t help but feel cheated.

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Won’t let me edited my post was supposed to say…wasn’t expecting


There was a video on one of the YouTube channels where someone from DC mentioned you can buy comics but he made it seem like it was new issues, not past issues.

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Oh no I fully understand. They did mention it, but they downplayed that the service on the comics side would be more of a way to try out comics before you buy them, at least for most of the titles. There’s a few full runs here and there (including all 75 issues of the 90s Aquaman comic, which I really surprising), but they seem to be going with a try before you buy model. Which I understand because they don’t want to lose money over this, but they should have been more up front about it.

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Now that you mentioned the 'try before you buy ’ idea that really puts this in perspective for me and I like the idea. If I could have used this service to try out some first issues during the N52 or even Rebirth at no cost to me I would have saved myself a ton of money instead of wasting it on a bunch of #1s that I ended up not liking. a

This could actually be a feature that is more geared to the new reader rather than the person who already reads comics. I do think some people would be happy to give a book a try here at no risk to see if they like it before purchasing it. This might even be a way to boost sales on low selling titles that struggle with finding an audience because people don’t even try them.

The try before you buy thing would work a lot better if it wasn’t on a paid service. I don’t pay $10 for netflix just to be told i can only watch one episode and i have to buy the rest. If Netflix charged people to watch shows on top of the monthly subscription fees, you wouldnt know what Netflix is. It wouldnt be what it is today. So I’m really hoping the small collection on here is because they didn’t have the time to upload them before the release. If not, they are going to lose sooo much money. How many people are going to buy merchandise from a company who “ripped them off”? Try before you buy won’t work when you already pay. Thats like charging people to walk into a store. They will just shop somewhere else.


I’m on the fence about this service, I preordered on day one. The cost for 15 months of new shows, classic movies, and animated movies is worth the subscription.

I try to keep up on books but have reverted to bound collections due to storage issues and a growing family. Thought this would be a great way to read archived issues or read up on missed runs. If this is all the library will be I will make the best of it and enjoy talking to all of you, but here’s hoping it does grow.

Stay positive and work to make this community better. If you don’t like it after 12 months don’t renew and get the most out the experience before than.

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Until a month or two ago I don’t think we knew comic reading was even going to be a thing on here. I would have got it regardless. If you did join solely on expectations of this being like marvel unlimited even though in the 2 hour intro video a week ago you could clearly see it wasn’t, I see why you aren’t happy.