DC Makers

Where are all the DC prop makers/cosplayers out there?! Bummed we can’t post pictures on here yet, but would love to hear what everyone is working on?

Personally, I’m slowly working on a DC-related spaceship prop from Lois & Clark in EVA foam. First time working with the material, but it’s going well so far. What’s on everyone’s work bench?

Currently making Teen Titans Cyborg cannon arm!

Very cool, are you using foam or something else?

I just finished my new Red Hood Cosplay (my avatar) and have plans to add a robin and nightwing cosplay to my collection.

Foam and pvc additions

Cass cosplayer here. Also have Death and Delirium. Looking to do Ravager from Red Hood and the Outlaws and Catwoman from Batman Ninja next.

Love everyone’s projects. Wish we could share pictures here. Does anyone have a good Facebook group for DC making/props?!