DC Mafia Games Presents - The Long Halloween

To be clear, “learn a players’ identity” isn’t just code for protection, is it? Both effects happen?

Since Holiday is the only villain, doesn’t that mean this person should never use their power?

How does that help? If Calendar Man only finds out who Holiday is killing at night, that doesn’t leave us any opportunity to change the outcome, does it?

So is that an either/or thing, or both? And does he have to correctly guess who Holiday is to use that power, with only one chance? The way it’s written, it sounds like he can just decide the heroes win at any point, which seems like it can’t be right. Also, to be clear, resurrected players no longer have access to their powers, right?

Each, or he has to pick one and then he’s powerless for the rest of the game?

Is that “can use power 1x/game”, or “protection lasts for rest of game”?

Can he be voted out?


Yes both effects happen at once.

No they can use it Holiday just has no other abilities besides the night killings and bringing on two face. I am keeping to the story line that essentially the heroes in this case can sabotage each other while also trying to find Holiday. Makes for an interesting game.

It does because this also leads to finding out who Holiday is. Plus you can make planning around his abilities easier if you know who he is killing.

He has both abilities which can be used once

Last game this wasn’t the case. and I have decided that if they haven’t gotten a chance to use their ability before death that they can use them when resurrected.

He has to find holiday successfully in order to kill him other wise he loses this ability.

Each just like in previous games.

He can protect 1 player each night his ability lasts the entire game.

Yes, he can be voted out


This game starts on the first possibly sooner depending on if we get enough players. Games can take a while (mainly due to my schedule but really just depends) You don’t have to check in every day just every day phase of the game where everyone votes. The voting period lasts about 3-4 days. However with this game I have pre-made my banners because that is what takes me some time to even post the updates.

I got you in!



If we get them filled we can start the game!!


I’m bookmarking this, and Blades response. Important info there


Just wait I have plans :imp: :grin:


Definitely helps us get more into character. I’d just be concerned that doing so incentivizes us to act against our own self-interest, unless these people have unique win conditions.

Okay, that’s a game changer and I definitely didn’t glean that from the original post. But that still means Calendar Man finds out who Holiday is and who they’re after without having a chance to convince anyone to do anything that can save the victim before they’re eliminated, doesn’t it? In which case, how does having the second use help? Does Calendar Man have to use it both times before identifying Holiday?

Ooh, that’s a fun change! Also, thanks for the clarification that we shouldn’t be trying to get ourselves killed because a resurrection won’t refresh our power.

I like the kind of reversal of the typical relationship where this ability encourages Joker to act like Batman. Plus, even if he’s wrong, he still gets useful information–he can rule out the guessed player as a suspect.

Cool. That’s what I thought, but the original post wasn’t clear on that. I love that Alfred is arguably the most OP character in the game. Seems very appropriate.

Oh, wow! But players he protects can still be voted out, right? Because otherwise, if he guesses wrong and protects Holiday, the game would be unwinable.

You’re welcome.

And that’s why I’m asking now. This way we can all strategize, and no one can assume I’m asking for a particular reason, because you all know I don’t know how any of this will relate to me yet.


Well no I gave Calendar Man the ability to use it twice because I felt that it was partial to the story line. Calendar Man can use it once to know or twice to be sure. I felt that if in this case Calendar man were to say who holiday is killing and that they some how get targeted or whatever just adds security for that player.

That’s entirely up to the player but remember this is just a game and not to be taken too literally in any way shape or form.

Yes, protections and abilities only last for the night phases. During the day vote everyone is fair game to which no one can block or be rotected. The only ability that can be applied during the day is the double voting. which the player(s) with this ability must say during the night phase who they would like to double vote for which is then applied to the day vote phase.

Also I am sorry if this doesn’t make sense just let me know and I will fix it or make it clearer in the morning as I haven’t slept yet and have been up or almost 24hrs


Thank you for doing so as I want these games to be played fairly and I love making them :grin:


Also 2 spots left! Let’s get them filled so we can play!!


This long Halloween is taking forever, while waiting, I’ll wait for the time with cup of tea.:tea::tophat:
(While this is NOT my official character, thought I’d have a little fun with this post.)
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Happy unbirthday or should it be Unhappy UnBirthday.


This genuinely broke my brain. Well done


Thankyou. :grinning:


2 spots left! Game starts on the 1st if we haven’t filled them yet and I will make the adjustments to the characters. If anything I will make a poll to see which ones get booted because I made 3 extra just in case


If anyone knows where else to link the game feel free to do so.


@Bladexoxo, I’ve lost access to the community via my PC, I’m hoping to get it back at some point soon, but it’s looking unlikely. I’ve got access via my mobile (currently) and hopefully will have via my iPad, (although it wasn’t last night.)
Basically, I’ll stay in contact with the game and play as much as I can via my mobile, but it may come to a point where I seem to disappear if I lose access on my phone.
It’s not great and I’m a bit miffed, but there is little I can do currently as ‘technically’ this website shouldn’t work outside the US, at least that’s what the support team told me…



@Bladexoxo, I currently have the community working on my iPad, which makes reading and typing a bit easier.
So as long as either of them stays connected, I plan on still being around.


Okay I will note it down somewhere!


Thank you! :yellow_heart:

I was having that problem too. It starts loading but never finishes. Worked today finally, so hopefully it sticks so I can play too.