DC Mafia Games Presents - The Long Halloween

The Long Halloween

Welcome welcome everyone to a new DC Mafia Game! As a new season starts another game begins, this time it’s all about the Holidays. There is a new killer on the loose. That killer is called Holiday. They only kill on major holidays during the year. The first time they started their rampage was on Halloween night…


The game has 2 stages: a day phase and a night phase. During the day everyone gets to vote out a player they feel is a villain. During the night phase the villains converse on who they are taking out of the game. Just letting everyone know now the game starts in a night phase. Your objective is to find the villains and vote them out before they find you! That’s really it. Everything else is up to you players! There will be an example post in the FAQ of what these will look like. Character abilities can be used during the day phase or night phase depending on the character. How it usually goes is most players use their abilities during the night phase of the game unless it is a day voting ability or an immune ability in which case those get used during the day phases of the game. The game can be complex at times as know one knows who is who (except for the villains). Use a strategy and keep your friends close…


  1. ALL PLAYERS MUST PARTICIPATE - This being said non villains are required to post at least once every 24 hours in the group PM because there will be so much going on on the main thread; basically if you vote that counts towards you being “active” and usually 2 or 3 phases pass in the 24 hour period.

  2. You are REQUIRED to vote every day phase if you don’t do this you are automatically out of the game. During that time after you vote you are to post anything in regards to saying that you have voted during the day phase. This also counts as you being active. (See rule #1).

  3. You DO NOT have to post in the main thread to stay in the game. However, if you want to keep up with the game the main thread (there will be a link). You should at least read over a few of the posts. As from previous games it gets post heavy.

  4. DO NOT REVEAL YOUR CHARACTER! Unless you are a villain and in the villain group PM. The point of this game is to FIND the villains and vote them out before they get to you first.

  5. Since this has been a huge issue in terms of game play, all abilities and how many times they can be used are IN CAPS and BOLDED.

  6. When posting in our game room PM please keep conversations to a minimum. As that is where I can tell who has voted or not.

  7. I will be announcing who has met their fate here in the main thread as well as the group PM. If you need to see an example I will post a link in the FAQ.

  8. Don’t be afraid to ask questions either here on the main thread or in the PM’s!

  9. THERE IS NO EDITING OR DELETING POSTS I cannot stress this enough. Even before the game starts. DO NOT POST UNLESS YOU HAVE LOOKED OVER IT FIRST

  10. Just have FUN! Don’t take this too seriously and enjoy the game!


Q:What does voting look like?
A:Here is a link to an example- Crisis on Earth 1 Heroes VS. Villains - #59 by Bladexoxo

Q:What do the phases look like?
A:Here is a link to an example -

Crisis On Earth 1 The Sequel - #1454 by Bladexoxo

Crisis On Earth 1 The Sequel - #3784 by Bladexoxo

Q:Can I reveal a person’s identity/allegiance on the main thread if I find it out?
A: Yes! However you then risk your identity/allegiance…
Q:How do I know what character I am?
A:It was sent in a PM from me

Q:What if I don’t know how to play?
A:Just ask! I have many veteran players that are happy to assist in anyway shape and form. You can also ask me and you can also read my previous games to get some sort of grasp on them. Here is a link to the most recent game. Feel free to read over it!
DC Mafia Games Presents - Injustice Gods Among Us (The Remake)

Q:How do I know where I can use my ability?
A:During the night phase unless stated otherwise.

Q:If I am voted out can I still vote?
A:No, I have had this happen in my last game. You are NOT allowed to vote if you have been eliminated in any way.

Q:If I am voted out or killed can I still talk to people on the main thread?
A:Yes! In fact we call them “ghosts” however, please refrain from posting conversation in the game PMs.

Q:Where are the rules?
A:In the first 2 paragraphs of this post.


Carmine Falcone - The Roman. He is able to use his money as well as his intel of the Gotham underground may switch any two players. Any ability aimed at one of the switched players will hit the other instead. This can be used twice.

Bruce Wayne - AKA Batman. Using his abilities as a detective, he can learn a player’s identity. In turn this also protects that player from being killed during the night phase. This can only happen four times.

Selina Kyle - AKA Cat Woman. She is able to use her cat-like abilities to sneak into the day’s poll and vote twice. This can be used twice, however not in the same voting period.

Harvey Dent - AKA Two Face. He is able to learn a player’s identity in turn making this player protected that night from the holiday attacks. However, if they find Holiday they can either join Holiday or, Holiday kills them. Whichever Holiday so chooses. This ability can be used twice.

James Gordon - The Commissioner. Every night he is able to protect 2 players from any of the Holiday attacks. This can be used three times.

Dr. Jonathan Crane - AKA Scarecrow. He is able to use his fear gas to block others from using their abilities. This can happen every night. However, this does not work on Holiday.

Dr. Pamela Lillian Isley - AKA Poison Ivy. Using her pheromones she is able to force another character under her influence making it so that that player only has a 50% chance of their ability working or not (this lasts 4 night phases). This ability can be used once and can not work on Holiday.

Jervis Tetch - AKA Mad Hatter. Using his ability of hypnotism he is able to convince the player of their choosing to say a certain thing in the chat; this can be anything from revealing their identity to just something completely random. This can be used once.

Edward Nygma - AKA The Riddler. With his (possibly annoying) ability to tell riddles he is able to block a player from using their abilities this lasts the entire game.

Julian Gregory Day - AKA Calendar Man. He is able to invent a device that can track Holiday’s actions(meaning who he is planning on killing during the night phase). This can be used twice.

The Joker - He has the ability to kill only 1 player and that player is Holiday. He also has the ability to resurrect another player or himself. this can only be used once.

Cyrus Gold - AKA Solomon Grundy. He is able to resurrect himself from the dead. He is also able to bring someone back if he so chooses. Both abilities can only be used once.

Alfred - Not Just a Butler. He has an entire arsenal of abilities. Those include; killing, double voting, learning an identity, resurrection, protecting, blocking and ability giving. Each ability is determined by the user; however, they can only be used once.

Alberto Falcone - The Good Son. He is able to protect another player if he so chooses. He is able to protect any player the entire game. He is also immune to being killed by anyone, including Holiday.

Gilda Dent - The Good Wife. If Harvey is killed she ends up dying as well. She is also able to get one double vote before her death.

Salvatore Maroni - The Boss. He is able to either kill one player at night or protect one player at night. This ability can be used twice. (One for each).

Renee Montoya - The Good Cop. She is able to either protect a player or learn a player’s identity. This can be used twice.

Holiday - Every night phase they get to choose one character to kill off. They have no other abilities. They are however able to bring over Harvey Dent if they so choose.

  1. Neal.heatherly
  2. TalonKarrde
  3. Carbon
  4. detective7
  5. jurisdiction
  6. Therealdetectivechimp
  7. nyjt3
  8. mercurie80
  9. GetSnart
  10. Princess_Rosalean
  11. SuperBlue
  12. Row.harper
  13. scoop001
  14. Reaganfan
  15. Ultrasonic
  16. RexRebel
Game Updates

It was Thanksgiving in Gotham City. Families having feasts filled with Turkey and Ham and mashed potatoes with gravy and biscuits galore.

At Gotham PD…

“Poison Ivy has been found Dead!” an officer exclaimed.

“How do you know?” Another one asked

“They brought her body in” The officer answered.

“Well another one bites the dust” Said the second officer.

Deaths This Far

  1. ReaganFan78 - Jervis Tetch AKA The Mad Hatter
  2. Scoop001 - Alberto Falcone
  3. Jurisdiction - Catwoman
  4. Superblue - Carmine Falcone
  5. GetSnart - Poison Ivy

@neal.heatherly @TalonKarrde @Carbon @Detective7 @Jurisdiction @TheRealDetectiveChimp @NYJt3 @mercurie80 @GetSnart @Princess_Rosalean

I have you all down to play!!




So should I play as Batman or Joker? Extreme strategist or chaos machine?

  • Batman
  • Joker

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I’m in if it’s incidentally a ok


I’ll play too!

As long as I don’t get voted off first again. :sweat_smile:




You got it!


Who knows theres only 1 villian this time around lol


I’ll immediately get outed for it. But if I’m Holiday… :smiling_imp:

Bye bye lol. #Tradition


This would be an amazing game for me to be a Villain for the first time. :laughing:

I’d be outed immediately for voting you off first.


Last time I was played I was a villain and I was investigated by at least three different people on night one and died immediately. soooooo here’s to hoping that I’m actually not holiday as much fun as it would be. the way the poll’s going I might be leaning more toward his side.


@Bladexoxo I will play again.


I cant tell if yall are being serious or not lolol but random number generator has yet to fail me (at least I think)

I have you down @scoop001!!


Friendly Banter! Before we try to kill each other! I think lol


I’m in, please. Love Long Halloween. :grinning: Here’s hoping for a villain role, but I’ll be happy with any characters.



You’re in! I’ll add you to the list!


Only 4 spots left!!


I’m in


Hi @Bladexoxo! I’d like to try to play this time, but I had some questions, because of my schedule and I don’t want to be the dum-dum that holds anything up. :sweat_smile: I should be able to check in at least once a day, but when does it start and how long do they usually go?