DC Lifestyle Items - Tarot Cards

I love when DC crosses over to every day products. I have been waiting for this to come out and the tarot cards are finally here! I collect tarot decks. I wish these were Oracle cards instead where it imparts wisdom or quotes. I actually started to make my own deck with some DC characters.

(Just tried to post my short video but too big. Here is a link to a flip through of it.)

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Oh I love these!! :scream: Thank you so much for sharing!!


So cool! I had no idea these were coming out.

I also collect decks. I have over 60. I also got certified as a Tarot Reader (mostly to have a cool plaque to hang on the wall).

I actually just got this animated Tarot deck. So cool to move the card around and see the animation.

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I WANT IT!!! :star_struck:


That sounds so cool!_ill check that deck out!

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These are so cool! Thanks for sharing @ctrl.flirt.del. :heart_eyes: