DC Legends

I’ve been collecting the whole Bat Family so far got most of them.

Popping in here to note that I’ve been playing the game a lot for the last month or so. Would love to create any possible alliances!

Neat! I don’t do much PvP, but I do love the game!

Did you pick it up when they added Renee? :slight_smile:

I have been playing pretty regularly.

I did! Still hoping for Vic though.

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Awesome! :slight_smile:

The news just broke: after 7 years, DC Legends is shutting down its servers on October 31st. Hundreds of characters, thousands of hours, top 100 alliance. Despite my campaigning, Vic Sage never made it in the game. Still. I’m gonna miss this game a lot.

This sucks. I’ve been playing for years and I always looked forward to new characters. There were so many characters we didn’t get. It had to happen sooner or later, I guess, but it doesn’t make the pill any less hard to swallow.

Just read the news. I liked playing it too, despite its flaws.

This is why I don’t play iOS games that have micro transactions. When they shut down the servers you lose everything.

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I miss this game. There was something fun about seeing what characters were coming out next month.

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