"DC Legends" Mobile Video Game

Who else is playing the “DC Legends” mobile video game? I really enjoy it and wondered if anyone else here plays it and your thoughts on the game.


I love this game! We got Booster Gold last month

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Yep. Still playing it. Hippolyta Hero Challenge this week.

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I play it daily still waiting on nightstar tho…

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I play it daily still waiting on nightstar tho…

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Never played it whats it about?

I like it. Just recruited Manbat.

I can use a new alliance however

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Yea, the alliances have been weird lately

Still play it and have fun with it.

my current alliance is somewhat active, just not many active participants.

otherwise, it’s a lot of fun.

The grind is what kills me. I’m glad we have a DC game like this, but it’s just like any other app game when it comes to progress: micro-transactions or grind away.

I love a lot of the new character designs and suits. I dig the fresh take on things.

Gameplay is good but the writing for the text bubble cutscenes can be atrocious. Better than most mobile games.

I’m addicted for sure. I just wish it wasn’t so buggy

i’m still playing this. They just introduced Superboy Conner.

I play it twice a day everyday!

I tried it but the grind felt bad. Don’t know if I’ll re-install.

Been playing for quite a while now. Really enjoying Saint Walker. Now we just need the indigo tribe.

Play this game every day! I wonder… should we be in a “DC Universe” alliance?

What I want to know is when are they going to put in the Legion of Superheroes?