DC Legends 2

Who else thinks there should be a second game for DC Legends: Battle for Justice?

Seeing as there are two games for Injustice, if there is a sequel for DCL, then both of the main DC mobile games would have a follow-up.

If you would like a sequel, what do you think it should include? Should the mechanics be the same? What story arc should it adapt?

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I’d rather they just update the existing game. I invested a lot of time into it. Or at least give us the option to export our data.

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I was going to add this in another thread, but I think it would be cool if a sequel had the base version, and then, in-game or something of the sort, there is a feature where you can choose to update the game. The idea is people inevitably don’t hear about the game when it is released, so if there was an option to start from the beginning (as if you were playing on day zero) or to update to current update, that would give players the choice to either see all the new updates people had to wait on, or begin like they are part of the initial release. Basically, it means people wouldn’t lose a month of free hero shards and other features if they wanted to start from the beginning.