DC Jeopardy Questions!

Hey y’all! Here are the questions I created for DC Jeopardy for my kids/students at the after school program where I work. Rather than clues, I chose to write questions so it could be more straightforward. I tried not to make the questions super difficult because my kids’ knowledge about DC are mostly from the movies and the Arrowverse shows.

The Bat Family

  • Which member of the Bat family has the nickname"The Dark Knight"?
  • Who was the second Robin?
  • Which Robin became Nightwing?
  • What is Alfred’s last name?
  • Which member of the Bat Family became Oracle?


  • Who is the leader of the League of Assassins/League of Shadows?
  • Who killed Superman?
  • Who is the leader of the Rogues?
  • Which villain is responsible for Jason Todd’s death?
  • What is the name of the villain that uses the drug venom to get superhuman strength and other physical attributes?


  • In the comics, where does Barry Allen/The Flash keep his costume?
  • Who is the Kid Flash?
  • Which Flash went back in time to save his mother?
  • Complete this speedster’s code name: Jesse ________
  • Who was the first Flash?


  • What island was Oliver Queen stranded on?
  • What is the name of the Time Ship that the Legends use to travel?
  • Which member of Team Arrow is known as Speedy?
  • What was Earth 2 Joe West’s job?
  • What was the name of Barry’s favorite book as a child?

Teen Titans (based on the animated series. I’ve been showing them a couple episodes during our long days)

  • Who is the leader of the Teen Titans?
  • Complete this line from the show: “Titans ____!”
  • Which member of the Teen Titans says “Azarath, Mitrom, Zinthos”?
  • Which Teen Titan is a vegetarian?
  • Which planet is Starfire from?

Justice League

  • Which member is referred to as the “Man of Steel”?
  • Which Justice League member created contingency plans for the rest of the members?
  • What is the Justice League’s headquarters called?
  • In the movie Justice League War, who took Green Lantern’s ring?
  • Which Justice League member is married to the Black Canary?

Final Jeopardy

  • Where was Harley Quinn first introduced?

Great categories and questions.

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Love the questions

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That’s great! Have any of them shown an extended interest in DC?


@Vroom I have a couple of students who are interested in reading DC comics.They asked me if I can start a comic book/ drawing club at the school. After thanksgiving break, I’m going to ask my boss for permission to start the club.


That’s awesome, kids need something to be positive and connect over these days. Especially those who feel like they don’t fit in anywhere else.

my girl hq was in btas!!!

Batman Jason Todd dick Grayson penny’sworth bat batgirl

In Justice League for 300, is the answer the watch tower or the hall of justice? I’m thinking it’s the watch tower but I’m not sure.

I wish there were more teachers like you. I would’ve loved to watch Teen Titans on long school days.

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Regarding the JL’s headquarters, it’s been the Hall of Justice and the Watchtower, depending on the era. Both answers would be correct as long as the question’s not era specific.


@JLWWSM, I accepted both answers since I purposely wasn’t specific on which era. I knew my kids were familiar with the Watchtower but I wanted to see if anyone would say Hall of Justice.


Also, if anyone wants a copy of DC Jeopardy, I’d be more than happy to transfer the PowerPoint on Google Slides and share the link. :smiley:


@WonderFlash93, I wish I was your student. I would immediately join the club

Right on,my Dad and 1 of my 2 sisters are teachers. Dad retired,sister teaches kindergarten to students with reading disabilities, teachers are grossly underpaid mad respect for u and all of them.

If I had had a teacher who was a DC fan (maybe I did, I never knew), and had a club, I’d stay after or come to school early all the time.

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It would be awesome

What’s the winner get ? You should grab a few comic books for them.

@FlasingtheBat the winning team got goodie bags filled with candy. Comic books are a good idea too :slight_smile:

*@FlashingtheBat sorry lol