DC is not being Destroyed. Spread the love.

I kinda love how DC is both a mainstream player and the underdog/screw-up, depending on your POV. I don’t need an extended universe like Marvel - do it multiverse style. I think things like Crisis exemplify what is great about DC’s heroes and villains: Many different stories and paths to explore. Possibilities galore. You don’t have to follow the same journey as Marvel of the Mouse House. Hell, I’m excited about Man of Tommorow because I love experiencing new stories.
Keep it different, DC :heart:



Yes, I’m that enthusiastic that it required all caps lol


I’ve been a nerd for 30+ years and this was the first year I was emotionally invested in Comic Con. All the good news, from all fronts. The cool thing about entertainment (that isn’t sports, I guess) is you don’t have to pick a side. You can enjoy all the things that you enjoy. I’m currently watching the Defenders miniseries again as I type this. I’m not betraying my undying love for DC in any way by doing this either.


Marvel even kind of messed up it’s own cohesiveness with Agents of Shields no longer playing relevance to where the MCU is post Endgame.


Heck yeah. Keep spreading the :heart:


DC has always been a big player in the comic book industry since the very beginning. No way to stop the DC train.


I fervently hope that the DCEU stops being so farking dark, and understand that people want a movie like THOR:RAGNAROK, with humor amidst the excitement. And MAKE IT FUNNY, don’t copy the MEU, and BE ORIGINAL.

DC has a golden opportunity to be THE superhero movie company of the 2010s, IF THEY DO IT RIGHT.

At least the scowling Henry Cavill is gone. Both the replacements are just fine with me, hearkening back to Christopher Reeve, STILL the best Superman portrayal ever.

I love DC too much to be embarrassed by crappy movies. Let’s look at the 3 successes and learn the lessons therein.


@oldrocker yea, there’s two movies with what you’re asking for and they just came out: Aquaman and Shazam.

Also, it was never confirmed that Cavill is out. He wants to come back as Superman. Many of us want him back as Superman. Until it’s confirmed one way or another, we can’t say for sure what his status is


I understand wanting something different than what is being offered, but I am also forgiving of storytellers creating projects that don’t align with my personal desires or feelings.

For example : I happen to be in the very small camp that really enjoyed the MoS/BvS/JL “trilogy”. I particularly thought that BvS benefited from the extended cut, giving Lois Lane an integral storyline and Luthor some proper motivation for his shenanigans.
On the flip side, I thought Wonder Woman was okay (I wanted more than the cookie cutter plot - WW1984 looks to be that film so I am excited there), I didn’t care for Aquaman (it felt like an extended homage to every action film ever made), and I have yet to watch Shazam! as a result (but I hope to really like it when I do make the time?).
I’m in an even smaller camp that thought that Avengers: Endgame was a waste of my time - I enjoyed Justice League so much more, despite of the flaws.

All of this is why I appreciate what DC is doing, even more than Marvel (although, I still love Marvel too, Far From Home is one of my favorite comic book films ever made) - who seem to be constraining themselves within novelty of the extended universe. DC has a ton of different mediums in play, with a ton of different universes - each with their own tone and target audience, all that use the characters that we know and love.

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SHAZAM is out on disc. It’s a complete success, funny, exciting and, although some of the scenes are scary for pre-teens. Hardly all of them.

It did my heart good to see a great DC movie.


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People are crazy.

Claiming that DC or Marvel is going out of business is like claiming pigs will fall from the sky.

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