DC Infinite treats its fans right

I will admit something that many here will not: I also consider myself a Marvel fan as well. I had the recent opportunity to attend a virtual convention celebrating a certain character from the competition and I joined because I thought it would be fun. They had fans submit questions beforehand as well as while artists and writers were available. However I want to say I enjoy the Q and A’s DC provides. For each panel, the competition would only have time for one fan question even though it was the fans who this was for. Second, I asked a question and another person was rude enough to take my question and ask it again and get credit for it when asked of the panel.
On DC, the artist or writer gets to see each question and answer it directly. They also try to answer as many as possible not just one picked out for them. It feels like they are closer to the fans.
This is why I stick to DC for my fan interactions as I feel respected here and the celebrities actually enjoy talking to us fans.
Plus where else can I share my sketches of the Stargirl cast and get their positive feedback?