DC.. I need more than one new show at a time ...

1 show at a time isn’t enough.


You think they could produce a show with more contain be it once every two weeks even once a month.

If they get enough subscribers, we may be getting multiple shows a week.


Maybe in the second or third year, we will be seeing that, but this first year will be about getting the service off the ground.


There are more than one original shows airing on here. You have DC Daily and Titans. I believe towards the end of next year, Swamp Thing and Harley Quinn will air around the same time.

Are you kidding?

There’s already Supergirl, Flash, Arrow, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, Black Lightning and Titans to watch every week. I barely have enough time for them all as it is!

And then of course the Enhanced Young Justice episodes start tomorrow, then YJ S3 and Gotham in January … and then Krypton and iZombie and … I’ll never sleep again! :wink:


That tone seems to match Jason Todd on his love of being Robin from Titans.

Dude, please don’t include DC daily. It’s not a DC Comics show, just a news show about DC related stuff. It doesn’t count.

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One show IS enough, and we all knew they were gradually coming on line. Threads like this one are absolutely off the mark and make wonder how bad our education system is.

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Wow, mr. scorpio. Way to come out swinging :grin:

I agree with the dj wolfman. I want more shows, because Titans really hits the mark!

DC, I know you’ve got completed episodes of Doom Patrol! Gimme, gimme!

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The comics and movies/tv we have are nothing, any real DC fan came here having already seen them all. So, Titans, is literally our whole 75 bux and it’s worth maybe $5 of that.


There will be it just starting.

That’s what I thought at first, but they do a really good job of supplementing episodes with comics that relates to it. This past week for example I read a bunch of Donna Troy comics because I really didn’t know much about her, and the app really guided me down that path.
I think they are doing a great job considering it has only been around for a couple of months. Excited for the future!


Agree and I expect Disney wont make the same mistake next year but we’ll see. One show available at launch is not helping them gain subscribers.

It possible to get All the CW DC show here?

They need to drastically increase the size of their video catalog. Titans is a great show and DC Daily is a must-watch five days a week, but as some previous commentors have stated, anyone who paid for a year’s subscription sight unseen has likely seen most of what is available. While they are building their library of original content, we need quantity in the archive. Where is the Shazam!/Isis Saturday morning show? Where are the 60’s cartoons? Watchmen? Superman Returns?


I thought Harley was beginning of 2019?