DC History Club: Watchmen 35th Anniversary

Thirty-five years ago if you wanted to read the opening chapter of one of the greatest literary works of the 20th Century, you needed to go to a shop that sold comic books. Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons masterpiece Watchmen accomplished a great deal in its twelve issue run. It reinvented second tier characters from a minor publisher and in the process deconstructed the superhero genre. It commented on war and politics, it inspired generations of comic book creators and helped established the medium as a place where serious writing could happen. It cemented Moore’s reputation as the most influential comic writer of his time. It revolutionized comics and superheroes. And, it told one heck of story.

Join the DC History Club and the Justice League Book Club as we take a deep, deep dive in to Watchmen. Each week, you’ll find a Watchmen 35th Anniversary Read-Along, issue by issue alternating between the two clubs. Read and discuss the individual issues there. Here, led by our intrepid researcher the extraordinary @turoksonofstone find the best in articles, interviews and video links on individual issues and the series as a whole. We’ll also provide our normal poll and quiz questions as we get deeper into the individual issues. Hope you can join in, because if there’s one comic series worth this kind of deep examination, Watchmen is it.


Note: The Watchmen series is not available on DCUI so you will need to procure your own copy if you wish to read it.


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Alan Moore: The Roundtable Discussion

Watchmen Individual Issue Read-Alongs


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Charlton Captain Atom and Blue Beetle



The discussion on
Watchmen could start
On its origins

As in the link below


Moore wanted initially
To use an existing line of
Super heroes for his story

His initial thought
Was to use
The Mighty Crusaders
(Shield, Fly, Black Hood etc)
But also
T H U N D E R Agents
( Dynamo, NoMan, Menthor, etc)
Before settling on the
Charlton Characters
(Captain Atom, Blue Beetle, Question, etc)

He wanted to use
Existing Characters
From the same universe
Readers would be familiar with them.

My question is

What percentage of readers
Would be familiar with
Any of them?

Mighty Crusaders and
T H U N D E R Agents
Were somewhat popular
In the sixties

And the year now was 1985

Decades later.

Also most comic book readers were young boys
With very limited income.
Who could only buy
A few comics a month.

I only remember buying
A Captain Atom comic
Once during the 1960s

Normally they were not available at the places
I bought comics.

DC Editor Dick Giordano vetoed the use of the
Chariton characters
Which DC Comics
Had just bought
Because they would be
Unusable after the story.

I think the Watchmen
Use of original characters
Made a better storyline

What is your take?

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Charlton and Watchmen


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Charlton Comics
In our library

Charlton Captain Atom and Blue Beetle

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Overview of the series


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Quick take here. Those Captain Atom and Blue Beetle books really hold up well. Plus, you get Nightshade in a couple of stories. Highly recommend.

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The Comedian
Was based on

Charlton Comics

Who is a member
In the Suicide Squad

Coming out this week
On HBO Max
And Movie theaters

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A lecture on the Watchmen

Might be best to
Copy URL
Captions On

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The Spirit 2008
By Frank Miller
Is now on

As Ozymandias said
In Watchmen
Were the province of
Republican Serial Movies

Except that
Rorschach was doing that
Throughout his narrative.

This movie
Has the great character
Created by Will Eisner
Use this technique
In the entire film

Even the conversations
Are just consecutive Monologues

Denny is not exactly

For one thing
He can’t be killed

Also almost every woman
Falls for him instantly

But the tone is there.

This is not a serious
Spirit movie

It brings new meaning to
‘Over the Top.’

Samuel Jackson
As the Octopus
Has great fun here
But I would not call it acting

Like passing
An accident on the road
You can’t take
Your eyes off these performances

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An upside of Watchmen is how it influenced so much that followed, a downside of Watchmen is how it influenced so much that followed.

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Some thoughts on
Dr. Manhatten

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Warner Brothers video

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A wonderful HBO Backstory video

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In our video library
There used to be
The Watchmen Motion Comic

There was only
One narrator
Who did all voices
Including women

Here is the trailer

The spawn of Watchmen

Contains fuli spoilers