DC History Club: Superman The Movie (May 2020) Quiz, Polls & Discussion

I’ve never heard of A Girl Named Sandy. Does that make me young?

That’s not the name of the film but a clue to it.


Oh, okay…I can do this…let’s see…

Is Grease the word? I’m pretty sure Grease is the word…


I’m still young, though.


Another movie not seen by baby Ralph


But I Assistant Directed it in High School. I had the hots for our Rizzo.

This is history, so totally on subject.


Rizzo from the movie was nearly cast as Lois Lane. Trivia!


I got 7 out of 10! I’m faster then a locomotive!:grinning:


Gotta watch the Lois screen tests, Stockard Channing would have been completely different Lois


Even I got only a nine

And I wrote msny of the questions

Dofnt know funny name for Canadian province.


In my opinion, I would’ve picked Lesley Warren as Lois, had she not acted so nervous in her screen test she just might’ve got the part. True she play Lois in a musical which I haven’t seen, I think she would’ve done a great and better job. Dont forget that Noel Neil played Lois twice. :slightly_smiling_face:


In out look.up in the sky documentary in our library

Screen tests are about 53 minutrs in



The actual musical Lesley Ann Warren was in

Is toward the bottom of post 2’ not 3

They probably held that performance against her.


Sorry bottom.of post 2

Just above post 3 is the musical along with two revival videos of the Broadway musical

Hi everybody

I sent a Direct Message on a vote on the June topic


Blue Bettle

28 votes so far
Vote incredibly close
10 9 9

Please vote
I would be sad
If your favorite lost by 1 or 2 votes.

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Wanted to jump back to Smallville for a couple of small things.
-SFX, Clark racing the train doesn’t work for me. His arms pump back and forth but never go back beyond his torso. This is so unnatural for running that as a runner it just takes me out of the movie. I assume the harness he’s wearing is causing this.
-Pa’s funeral, along with goodbye to Ma, are the two most emotionally resonant moments of the Smallville section. For the funeral, we get this long pan up the valley until we see the funeral party on a hilltop. This is an beautiful shot reminiscent of a John Ford epic.


The Only Version That I Prefer And That I Watch And That I Like Of 1980’s Superman II Is The Richard Donner Cut (116 Mins)

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And I have yet to see it, really failing there.

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New link

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A couple of items

All DC History Club Topics are always open

You can post, take the polls and answer the quiz anytime

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This link was posted

Re Superboy it is incorrect

As in this link

Siegel and Shuster had little to do with this debut

Siegel was in the Army at the time. Shuster was aware of the story.

1945 Comic book More Fun 101 introduced Superboy - Superman when he was young. Superboy was not part of Siegel Shuster contract. Siegel suggested it but DC said no. DC used character while Siegel was in Army.

1947 Court Case As 10 year contract nears end, Siegel Shuster sue DC for rights to Superman and Superboy. They lose the case and are fired by DC.

From my
Super Hero Genre History