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One of the major events
In the Bronze Age
Was Jack.Kirby
Going to DC

Here are videos on his career

This is part 1 of 5 parts, which are linked


I need to read more of his DC work from this era. I’ve read Jimmy Olsen. And, it’s weird, kinda of in a cool way, kinda. His Mr. Miracle though for me is genius. This isn’t a spoiler because the issue is set up right away, but there’s an entire story in which Mr. Miracle must work his way down a high rise full of crazed innocents out to kill him. Great story. Plus, you get Big Barda.


Jenette Kahn, DC Publisher:
The intro and link to a Paul Levitz interview with the Jenette Kahn who is rightly recognized as an historically important force at DC Comics.
Jenette Kahn arrived at National Periodical Publications in 1976 as a 28 year old Publisher from outside the comics field, promptly changed the company’s name to DC Comics, and over the next 26 years led DC in inimitable style and shook the comics world again and again. From changing the economic models for comics’ talent, to breaking creative boundaries championing projects like THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS, many of the causes of DC’s successes in the Dark Age could be traced back very personally to her office and her convictions.



Saw this today. I’m sure most folks here know this stuff but thought this would be the appropriate place to post it. It’s a good little crash course video.




Should have linked these sooner, but the History Club has covered many of the significant turning points and characters of the DCU. Need a deeper dive, check out these topics.

Golden Age

Silver Age

Bronze Age

Modern Age

Entire History

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Bronze Age Facts: The Bronze Age is rightfully seen an a Rennisance time for Batman as he is brought back closer to his original character from the staid super citizen of the '50s, the ill-fitting fantastical adventures of the early '60s and the camp following the television show in 1966. But, he wasn’t the only member of the Trinity to be successfully redefined. Again from Julius Schwartz Man of Two Worlds:
In 1970 “I was asked to take over Superman…I warned them that I would want to change things around…I wanted to reduce his powers a bit…I also wanted to get rid of all the kryptonite that kept turning up…Likewise I wanted to get rid of the robots that Superman always used to fill in for himself…Most importantly of all, I decided that Clark had to leave the Daily Planet. Young people didn’t relate to newspaper reporters. They got their news from television…I also gave him a foil by the name of Steve Lombard, a sports jock at the station who teased Clark mercilessly…Finally, as a sort of inside joke …Clark would go home…take off his hat and toss onto the head of a bust saying “Evening Morty.” A close examination of the bust’s visage would alway reveal a certain distinct similitary to that of my predecessor [on Superman] Mort Weisinger.”

For more on this great, under appreciated Superman era see @Don-El’s Superman Fan Club.


Tell us how you did on the quiz, or your opinions on the polls.

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Batman in the Modern Era




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The British

Alan Moore

Neil Gaiman

Grant Morrison

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Death of Superman

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Dwayne McDuffie

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Gail Simone

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when i try the link to
Secret Origins
Doesn’t work

All video is going away soon
This link will still be valid

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@Reaganfan78 was looking at the quiz this morning and saw you voted for Lobo as the response to violent comics in the 90s, and realized I never should have used that as a possible answer vs Kingdom Come, because you’re right. Giffen wrote Lobo as a parody of the over-muscled, indestructible, hyper violent comic ‘hero’ of the 90s. Give yourself two bonus points. And I’ve corrected the answer key.


Cool, Thankyou!:grinning:



Owner of rights to
Swamp Thing

Basically gives same speech every time

Best version is

Also can see what he looks like
Without .a hat

Other versioms
have more interactions with fans

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Just found this

Goes up to Joker movie

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Checking out voting patterns on our polls as we’re at about the mid-way point of the final week. I few things stand out to me.

Silver Age Essential Readings: Adventure Comics #247 with a significant lead of 69%. That it gets votes isn’t a surprise for the debut issue of the Legion of Superheroes. Plus, it’s still an enjoyable story. But what’s a little surprising is that it’s beating Action #252 (Supergirl debut) and Showcase #22 (Hal Jordan debut).

Bronze Age: Not a real surprise, but Superman Vs Muhammad Ali, Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen #134 (Darkseid debut) and New Teen Titans #1 all tied for an Essential Read. For most significant character Swamp Thing runs away with it at 85%. Think this is the correct choice because of the character’s unique position in the DCU and that he’s been handled by such innovative creators.

Modern Age: In another runaway, Bane hits 83% for villain introduced in the Modern Age. When you take Knight Fall and his place in the Nolan trilogy just as starters this seems justified. Of course, our girl Harely takes 83% also, but certainly her impact on comics and merchandizing outweighs anyone else’s from that age.

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An interesting video
On Warner Brothers
Defending the
Joel Schumacher
Tim Burton’s
Batman Returns
Was too dark

Michael Uslan

Who disliked the films
In other videos

Saying in them
‘in general
Film studios
Are now part of huge companies
More interested
In sales of toys’

Defend the film
It was ‘like the comics
With the huge typewriters’

He had to
He was Executive Producer

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