DC History Club, Muck And Magic Double Feature: Swamp Thing, polls, quiz, discussion

This is how
Swamp Thing
Was introduced
In a DC text ad
Written by Alan Moore

This is the place.

It breathes, it eats, and, at night, beneath a crawling ground fog with the luster of vaporized pearl, it dreams; dreams while tiny predators stage a nightmare ballet in sharp black grass. It is a living thing. It has a soul. It has a face.

At night you can almost see it.

At night you can almost imagine what it might look like if the Swamp were boiled down to its essence, and distilled into corporeal form; if all the muck, all the forgotten muskrat bones, and all the luscious decay would rise up and wade on two legs through the shallows; if the Swamp had a spirit and that spirit walked like a man…

At night, you can almost imagine.

You can stare into those places where the evening has pooled beneath the distant trees, and glimpse an ambiguous shifting of the darkness: something large, large and slow, its movements solemn and inevitable, heavy with clotted, sodden weed that forms its flesh. Its skeleton of tortured root creaks with each funeral pace, protesting at the damp and sullen weight. Within their sockets its eyes float like blood-poppies in puddles of ink.

You can inhale through flared nostrils, drinking in its musk, green and pungent. There is the delicate scent of mosses and lichens adorning its flanks. There is the dry and acrid aftertaste of the pinmold that spreads across its shoulders, fanning out in a dull gray rash.

You can stand alone in the blind darkness and know that were you to raise your arm, reaching out to its full extremity, your fingernails would brush with something wet, something supple and resilient.

Something moving.

You shouldn’t have come here.

This is the place.

This is the story.


There are storytellers and there are writers. A good storyteller can entertain, but their value is limited to the actions of their characters on the page. A writer, a truly good writer is something else. In the process of telling a story, they understand how to use words to evoke feeling, structure a sentence or sequence words to create a rhythm and cadence, or choose words that pop or calm your internal narrator. Reading a great writer becomes far more participatory, you become invested in the flow of words. In short, how they say something and what they are saying carry equal weight in the storytelling. A great writer’s work lives in the mind long after the story fades. Alan Moore is a great writer.


Swamp Fact Crystal Reed on Alan Moore: “My dream is Alan Moore’s full run of Swamp Thing – like if it was just verbatim, that would be my dream, because I think that is a nearly perfect comic series run,” she said of her dream story arc for Abby. “I think it’s so beautiful and wonderful and heartfelt and gory and interesting. I also really wanted white hair, which I didn’t get.”


Sounds to me like Reed understands Swamp Thing better than the show runners.


Added link above to this week’s World of Wonder as @nu52 covers Swamp Thing and Constantine in Justice League Dark in two issues that tie directly to the history of both characters. Great reads in a great club.

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Link is


This guy does a pretty decent job at providing some back history on Nancy Collin and her run.

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Thanks, will add above, I’m at issue 85, so still a ways to go on ST ‘82. Have also hit some of the smaller runs.


I gotcha. I tried to use the wiki but it didn’t work when clicking on it. Oh by the way thank you again for all the great questions for the trivia game! History club came up a good few times. Also, I’m not very well read on GL but I knew Alan wore ring on left hand, but I guess that came later and originally wore it on his right. I haven’t checked out where that is on the history club thread but maybe that’d be worth adding if it’s not on there.


In Secret Origins History of DC Comics
Which.the DC History Club
Covered in September 2020

23 minutes in
Artist Irwin Hansen
Says Alan Scott’s ring
Was on his left hand
While Julie Schwartz
At 42 minutes in
Had the ring
On.the right hand of
Hal Jordon


Oh yes I’ve seen that and just recently I think within the last month or so. Great video. Thanks for the time stamp. I believe though even in the image around the 23 mark it’s even shown on his right there. I know Alan wore it on his left but I think that may have changed at some point possibly on the right first. Like I said though I’m not much of a GL guy so I haven’t really looked into it. It was just brought to my attention here during the game last night.


So, not really any history, but I live where swamp thang was filmed and even have a buddy who worked on the set of it and DP. The “swamp” is very pretty during the day. I guess it can be spooky at night LOL.

and here’s a turtle :rofl:

Bridge where Abbe and friend jump off.


Not sure if it made the thread but it’s in the documentary. That question was a @TurokSonOfStone1950 special


Holy smokes, that is history club gold. First hand account of filming locations.


Thanks :hugs: When they did the boat explosion scene they made a town PSA letting everyone know everything’s fine and it’s for a show. :laughing:


You couldn’t paste that into the wiki, cuz I never made it a wiki. Definitely an obstacle. Fixed it


If you have friends
Who might want to see
The DCU Swamp Thing series
On the CW

Or if you think
It might allow
A second season

Or his appearance
HBO Max series
Justice League Dark:

The show will come on CW on Tuesday October 6th with a 90-minute premiere.


Interesting to see what they edit during regular episodes. A little less Avery Sunderland would be good thing.

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So, it seems any conversation on Swamp Thing inevitably and quickly turns to Moore just from the gravitational pull of his stories. But let’s get back to Wein for a moment. For me, these 13 issues represent the peak of DC '70s horror comics. There’s a timelessness to these stories that your average House of Secrets/Mystery story just doesn’t have. One of the strengths of the stories is Wein’s deft handling of Alec Holland as a tortured man inside the body of a raging monster. The juxtaposition of Swamp Thing fighting the unMen and Alec protecting Abby is a core characteristic that Moor would expand upon. Anyone who loves Moore’s run will find a different but equally enjoyable series in Wein and Wrightson’s Swamp Thing.


I abandoned comic books
Around 1966
For two reasons
It was getting harder and harder
To find the comics
The comics I did read
Seemed silly to me

What brought me back
Were the Monsters

I was going for my Masters
In.Quant Analysis
And I had
One class at 10 Am
Another at 6 pm
In 1972

I saw the Marvel
Black and White
Monster Magazines
And was intrigued.

At this time
I had no contact
With comic book.fandom
And didn’t know
What was being published

I found a comic book.store
Around 34th street
Which.had back issues

I bought (in.Fair Condition)
Denny O Neil.JLA
And Green Arrow / Green Lantern
Roy Thomas’s
the Kree Skrull War
In Avengers
Conan the Barbarian
Marv Wolfman and
Gene Colan
Tomb of Dracula

Len Wein
Bernie Wrightson
Swamp Thing

To this day
I still remember
The issue
Batman met
Swamp Thing

I remember
How long Batman’s ears were
I remember how
He was so different
From when I last saw him
A force to reckoned with
And i remember
Swamp Thing’s dog
More than 47 years later

From then on
I was hooked
Especially in the monsters

Man Thing was
Like Swamp Thing
But with no intelligence
Just an emotion.feeler

Both monsters
I learned later
Was based on.
the 1940s Heap
Which appeared in Airboy

The Man Thing’s Annual
Which had the first
Howard the Duck
Also included
The Man Thing story
The Kid’s Night Out

For anybody who ever
Was shy fat with glasses
As a kid
It felt like Steve Gerber
Was talking to me

To this day
I wished I knew
a girl like Alice
Who made sure
Her friend woukd be remembered
As well
As what everyone
Had done to him
That contributed
to his death

It was an incredible time
For horror

And soon.to come
The Spectre
In Adventure Comic
Which was lately
Put in our library

A horror comic
Staring a Super Hero

Those were the days