DC History Club May 2022 Gene Luen Yang From New Super-Man to Monkey Prince

Kenan is really shallow isn’t he

He has also a real big ego which he uses to cover that.

But he is very young, without much life experience

He is a teenager who seems to have finished school and has no job.

But he saves his victim from a super villain

And has empathy for a child who fears for the loss of her mother.

He lost his mom where he was very young.

His father seems not to be interested in him

And no friends are shown.

A perfect candidate for the Hero’s Journey

And he is way more likeable than
Geoff Johns
Initial arc
Billy Batson in the
Justice League
Backup Shazam

But then
Billy didn’t have to carry the book


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Just read the
Batman Superman

Not sure I understood everything

But superb

Especially liked
Lois Lane(s)

What an
Gene Luen Yang has!



Gene Luen Yang
Discusses his
Batman Superman run


The Terrifics
Issues 15 to 30
Is another major work of
Gene Luen Yang


Mr Terrific
Plastic Man
Phantom Girl


That was my reaction to the Batman/Superman storyline. It was really really fun and creative. I really haven’t read any other stories quite like it.
I’ve been meaning to read The Terrifics for a while, knowing that Yang wrote so many issues has me really looking forward to it.


Here are the arcs in
Gene Luen Yang’s

15 18 Advanced Artificial intelligence
19 24 Bizarro
25 Choose an Adventure
26 28 Death of Simon Stagg
29 30 Son of Simon Stagg

I have mixed feelings about this run

When the pages concentrates on the Terrifics
It is well done

It often feels like a
Horror Comic
With emphasis on
Body Horror
The art of the various creatures was repulsive to me

I didn’t understand many of the endings

The first arc tries to merge
The Bible
With Advanced AI
The two topics don’t jell

Bizarro in the second arc is very unsympathetic
The Terrifics in the 80s and 90s are fun
As is them as kids
Involved in a time loop

The Choose the Adventure issue was unreadable on my smartphone

Mr Terrific is portrayed as a character without empathy

Metamorpho shows a great subset of powers, but comes off not as a tragic Thing like creature but normal, with a beautiful girlfriend

Plas is crazy

Phantom Girl is the most sympathetic, a teenager Amid mature adults, with little connection to the other Terrifics

This review is biased by my inability to enjoy the comics, partially based on hopefully short feelings of stress on not being able to comprehend these stories

For other reviews of the Terrific series

See link


I finished New Super-Man today. This was a fun series that also had a lot of important stuff to say. Great choice for AAPI month, @TurokSonOfStone1950! Not only because it introduces so many wonderful Asian characters, but because it addresses some of the nastier stereotyping in DC Comics’ past. What an amazing job Gene Luen Yang did! And good for DC in giving him the platform to actively call them out on some of those things.

I think I appreciated Kenan more because of how far he came as a character. Sure, sometimes he still makes bad choices or does selfish things, but his growth has been immense across the 24 issues. Plus his parents really are kind of the worst, aren’t they?

I still love Deilan - and I loved that before the end someone did call her “Angel” (like Diana).

But my favorite part of this series might be I-Ching. I only know the basics of his involvement in Wonder Woman (there are many eras of hers that are still on my to-read list). In this series, however, he’s one of those amazing characters that seems to say exactly what I need to be hearing in my own life. He did that regularly across the series, but these panels from the last issue are freshest in my mind (and may have gotten me choked up):


Thanks for your comprehensive review.

I liked all the Justice League of China members.

Especially Bat-Man

But Wonder-Woman was great too.

And Kenan does grow on you.


The Monkey Prince
Is introduced in

His series in our library:


I can honestly say that Kong Kenan’s personality was like a double-edged sword to me in the beginning. His bravado as a superhero was different to what I have seen in the past, which was interesting, but it is made him a bit too much as times. Luckily as the series goes on, it does begin to grow on you and not really get in the way of the story as much. At first, I did believe he was a bit of a bully, but luckily that perception fades away as the series goes on. You can tell very early on that Kenan’s relationship is rather fractured and only gets far more interesting as the series goes on. This may be the reason that he decided to ahead and become the New Super-Man, simply out of spite. This series is vey good so far (I have only read up to issue eleven at the time of this posting). I honestly may not have ever given it a chance if it were not the recommendation for this month so I am glad that it was!


The great thing about the library is that all the
New Super-Man issues are here

Gene Luen Yang took a big risk by making Kenan a bully in the first issue.

Because of that
Many readers might not want to purchase the second issue

But in the library
We can read
All the issues at no extra cost
And see Kenan’s progression to becoming a hero

In the last arc
Kenan backslides


Welcome to the Community, @CaptainCripp! I’m glad you’re enjoying New Super-Man, it’s one of my favorite recent series. Please let us know if there’s ever anything we can help you with.


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I reread Festival of Heroes to brush up before Monkey Prince. Really nice collection of stories. I like that it also includes Tai Pham. Green Lantern: Legacy was such a good book.


I liked Tai Pham very much

The issue also contained a good short introduction to the Monkey Prince.


Kong Kenan appears briefly in another story, as well! I will check out Monkey Prince next.


DC Festival of Heroes

Monkey Prince
Is already
About a lot of things
Including his abilities

He reminds me in some ways of early Spider-Man

I like the floppy rabbit ears of his mentor. He also seems actually helpful

I like his friendship with Billy Batson

And his parents seem real cool

Gene Luen Yang
Doesn’t continue these ideas in the Monkey Prince title.

In fact
He changes the situation completely

I think this is a very bad idea