DC History Club May 2022 Gene Luen Yang From New Super-Man to Monkey Prince

To celebrate
Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage
The DC History Club
Selected the works of Gene Luen Yang

On the DC Universe Infinite Home Page
Gene is called

“One of the most acclaimed writers and artists in all of fiction”

This topic will discuss why that is true

As we look at Gene’s:

Works at DC

His other accomplishments

Last May


Superman Smashes the Klan

Was The topic of the DC Book Club



To start

Look at issue 1 of
New Super-Man

What do you like about Kong Kenan?


Is he just a bully or is there more to it?

What about his relationship to his father?

The family’s financial situation?

The absense of Kong’s mother?

China is a foreign country.

Did any differences to your own country spring in mind?


Since this is a comic book

Fantastic science fiction experiments are normal

Why was Kong selected for experimentation?

Why did he agree?

Other thoughts about this issue?

Would you have bought the second issue?

Other comments


Gene Luen Yang

Has many sides to him

There is of course

Comic Books

But he is also an educator

As well as an author

Other YouTube videos

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CXC 2020 Keynote: Gene Luen Yang - YouTube


Articles about
Gene Luen Yang

Other Articles about Gene

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New Super-Man
Reading Order


I very highly recommend Gene Luen Yang’s classic, American Born Chinese, to anyone who hasn’t read it yet and is curious about his work. It tells a great story of what it is like to be raised in a first-generation immigrant home - and also includes the Monkey King!

I’m planning to check out the readings when I have some time this month, Turok. I really enjoyed Superman Smashes the Klan and the author q&a we had here last year.


Gene Luen Yang
Dug deep into
DC comics history
In his run of
New Super-Man

Detective Comics 1
Years before
Batman’s first appearance in
Detective Comics 27


Gene Luen Yang
Also brought back

I Ching

Who was created by
Denny O’Neal
Who taught
Diana Prince
Martial Arts
When she was
Depowered in 1968


I had to return
American Born Chinese
From my Kindle App


No by panel read
All Word Balloons too small

Tried Sample from
Only got blank pages

I did see a figure
That probably was
Monkey King


Aw man, I forgot about this. That happened to me with the Kindle sample and is the reason I ended up just buying the physical book. I’m not sure why they haven’t formatted it digitally like other comics so it can be read on devices.


Gene Luen Yang
Retrospective on
New Super-Man


Just read the first six issues of New Super-Man

Very enjoyable

Each issue is a good read, with a twist on the last page

Issue 6 concludes the first arc and gives you s good idea about the series

The three members of the Justice League of China are engaging

Given them a try


A history of
The Great Ten
Who appear in the first arc

Other appearances
(Not by Gene Luen Yang)


Issues 7 to 12 of New Super-Man are very good

It has

I Ching

Why Kenan loses his super powers and how he gains new powers

A look at the facility where Bat-Man won his cowl

A Chinese Flash

The mythological origins of Wonder-Woman

Plus Lex Luthor and the Rebirth Superman

Both of Kenan’s parents are alive!

Greatly Recommended


Issues 13 to 18 of
New Super-Man
Ends another arc

Kenan is at the height of his powers

And among friends, who are family to him

He voyages to 1937
To meet a brutal
Slam Bradley
(Created by Siegal and Shuster)
Who beat up Chinese people for fun

The story of I Ching and his brother, Ying and Yang, is resolved

Wonder-Woman reverts back to Chinese Legend Green Snake for a while, until transformed back by the love of Bat-Man

In an efffort to increase sales, Rebirth Superman, Lex Luthor, Justice League and Suicide Squad appear

How I miss the Rebirth Superman, truly portrayed well here

Kenan’s mom was a fake portrayal to her husband and son and her true self is exhibited

Outstanding issues


As explained above
Gene Luen Yang
New Super-Man
To be canceled at
Issue 18

Issues 19 to 24
Are a nice supplement
To the saga
But not necessary

The arc does finally
Satisfy the running gag
Of there being
No Chinese Aqua-Man

In this case
A North Korean

The arc shows more clearly

That the main characters
Are really teenagers

More Teen Titans
Justice League

(Even though
Green Snake
May be thousands of years old
She did not experience those years

And is the same
Naive Romantic
That she was in
Her mythological story)


The first comic book
Gene Luen Yang
Bought was

Dc comics presents 57

So as a Superman fan
He did a series of

Batman Superman 2021
Issues 16 to 22


I really really liked New Super-Man (I haven’t actually finished the series yet, since I’m working through reading the Rebirth era Superman books and haven’t reached that point yet). I did like how Kenan was depicted as super unlikeable at first, but then grew into being a hero. It’s kind of the opposite of Clark Kent, since he was raised as a decent guy and always was a good person, essentially.
And that Batman/Superman storyline is one of my favorite recent storylines. :slight_smile: With Superman Smashes the Klan being so great, I’ve really loved everything I’ve read of Gene Luen Yang’s.


Great to hear from you

I will be reading the Bstman Superman arc soon

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I am 4 issues in to New Super-Man. Kinda shocked at how…really unlikeable the hero is. Wow. But I guess that does allow room for him to have a lot of growth. And it certainly differentiates him from Clark Kent.

Deilan is my favorite, of course. :00_wonder_woman_gold:

Anyway, very entertaining so far! I’ll be back with more thoughts. :world_of_wonder: