DC History Club May 2021 Demon Knights

The backup Storm Watch? or with Hex?

Okay, just read those issues of All Star, no idea that connected to a larger story. Was this known at the time, or is this a stealth crossover?


Only the later issues
Had a banner about the event

So largely a stealth job


Yeah, it was known at the time, but not promoted like a big crossover. More like pieces to pick up between titles if you read them, but not be a barrier to reading one title ongoing, as Turok mentioned.

New 52 had some other “lightweight” crossovers (Swamp Thing/Animal Man, Teen Titans/Ravagers(/Superboy?), Supergirl/Red Lanterns, Frankenstein/Batman/Superman, Hawkman/Green Arrow, and I’m sure others I can’t remember), but the little “non-crossover” details were more fun to find. I found “Stormwatch through time” and the black diamond saga to be the most fun. Following the bouncing Booster Gold was also kind of fun.


Just hit Booster in All Star, that run of Booster’s is pretty solid


So much beautiful comedy moments, while still intensely serious. (Don’t want to get ahead of you, but once he brings Jonah to modern day Gotham it got less awesome for me, mostly because it didn’t feel like All-Star Western, but I did love Batwing’s cameo.)


I’ve read it before, so know what’s coming, it kinda cool but runs out of steam quickly


As for some of the characters here. Not necessarily my favorite, but I enjoy Vandal Savage here, because it is nothing like how he is presented normally. He’s a bit manic, excitable and easily entertained (though generally entertained by blood and violence). If you’ve lived for 10,000 plus years you’re going to go through times when you act of your normal character, become a recluse, or work tirelessly for the betterment of humankind. Eventually, you go back to being the evil, power mad Savage you really are, but I dig this turn.

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"We hear many complaints about the prevalence of violence in modern fiction, and it is always assumed that this violence is a bad thing and meant to be an end in itself. With the serious writer, violence is never an end in itself. It is the extreme situation that best reveals what we are essentially, and I believe these are times when writers are more interested in what we are essentially than in the tenor of our daily lives…The man in the violent situation reveals those qualities least dispensable in his personality, those qualities which are all he will have to take into Eternity with him…”
Flannery O’Connor, Mystery & Manners, 113-114)

What is more extreme than being in Hell?

In our second week of Demon Knight, let’s read and discuss what happens as Etrigan betrays the team.

Paul Cornell ends his run with.Issue 15, so please read ar least issues 0, then 13 to 15 of Demon Knights

The order in which the title was published is 1 to 12, then 0, then 13 to 23.

Therein Lucifer (from Sandman) is introduced to the New 52 Universe

We don’t have Sandman in our library, but Lucifer is included in his own title.

Any opiniona about Lucifer or any of the Demon Knights in this arc?

Demon Knights


Here are the writer’s comments

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Well, I’m up to issue 24 in Lucifer’s series and just hit issue 0 on Demon Knights. Will have some more thoughts on both, plus my favorite character from this series Madame Xanadu


Is Mordru
From Legion of Super Heroes
As in Demon Knights?

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So, Madame Xanadu by far my favorite character in this series. Anytime I find a series where she is more prominently featured (Doorway to Nightmare, JLD I, Vertigo’s Madame Xanadu, Demon Knights) I think she just shines. Here, I think she is the glue that holds the team and the book together. She’s empathetic but she’s been around long enough not to be naive or easily lulled into a false hope. Girl, is also willing to do what it takes to get the job done. I think writers who don’t understand her (as cliche’ as that complaint is) treat her as some common seer reading cards (looking at you Swamp Thing tv show).


Madame Xanadu is an intriguing character

Next week, we will look at her Vertigo series, while you give us your take on the Jack Kirby run on The Demon


Well, I do have a take, that’s for sure


Madame Xanadu (Nimue) in Camelot Musical HBO

Follow Me
Merlin entrapped by Nimue

Merlin is talking about King Arthur

Far from day, far from night,
Out of time, out of sight,
In between earth and sea,
We shall fly; follow me.
Dry the rain, warm the snow;
Where the winds never go
Follow me, follow me, follow me
To a cave by a sapphire shore
Where we’ll walk through an emerald door,
And for thousands of breathless evermores my life you shall be.
Only you, only I,
World farewell, world goodbye.
To our home 'neath the sea
We shall fly; follow me.
Follow me, follow me, follow me.

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This week
The DC History Club
Concentrates on Individual Members of the Demon Knights
The New 52 Title was published in 2011.

In 2008

Madame Xanadu

The first 10 issues has
The young magic welder
Strive through the centuries
Eventually becoming the
Madame Xanadu
We know of today.

Guest stars include Phantom Stranger and Death

Seamus Heaney
In his poem
The Cure for Troy

Human beings suffer
They torture one another,
They get hurt and get hard.

So it is
With Nimue / Madame Xanadu.

What is your reaction to her centuries long journey?


Vertigo’s Madame Xanadu is one of the best things in any format I’ve read this year. It feels like you see her maturation over centuries, from someone more innocent and a little naive, someone looking for love, to someone more cynical and less willing to put herself in an emotionally vulnerable position. By the end, we see someone closer to the depiction of Xanadu we generally see today. Plus, the books look beautiful. There is a misstep near the end of the series when it turns into something an anthology with X taking only a bit part, but that’s three issues then corrected before the finish. And, just for fun you get to see a number of DC characters popup along the way.

I’ll stop back later to talk about Kirby’s Demon, a better version of the Demon, and something of a Demon Knights reunion tour.


I remember really liking Demon Knights when it was coming out.

Regarding the crossover/stealth crossovers: I am not sure we can say that they were very stealthy. They made a big deal of separating titles into their own little universe, while the greater DC universe kept truckin’ on. I know when I was looking up this stuff a while back for HoH it was a bear to find anything. It appears that this has since been updated on Wikipedia. One thing is for certain, they had no idea how to handle Demon Knights. It was in “The Dark” but more frequently had a crossover with “The Edge”.


The Demon by Jack Kirby,
Had considered doing this 12 issues of Kirby as a separate short topic. I read them, and unfortunately as a series it just doesn’t measure up. When you compare it Mister Miracle which is genius it can’t compare. Even the uneven far out wackiness of Jimmy Olsen is a much more interesting read. Kirby creates the Demon and links him to Jason Blood. We see Merlin, and Jason’s supporting cast, but none particularly stand out. The most disappointing thing is that the Demon in many ways is a shadow of his future self. There’s no rhyming, no attitude, no sense that he could turn on you in a heartbeat. I didn’t mind reading it just from an historical perspective but as a series I can’t recommend it. Far better you read DC Comics Presents #66 by Len Wein. I believe this is the Demon’s first appearance since Kirby and it’s a massive step forward for the character, rhyming and everything.

DC Comics Presents #66

Also, huge plug for something of a Demon Knights reunion ('nuff said) in Demon: Hell is Earth. Super entertaining

Demon: Hell is Earth


I think
The best version of
Was in Justice League Dark Apokolips


Video shows ALL his scenes

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