DC History Club May 2021 Demon Knights

DC History Club May 2021 Demon Knights

The New 52 was notable for two features

  1. In addition to the super hero genre, there was room for other types of books like war and westerns

  2. Many characters were rebooted, often being different from the previous characters with the same name

For the next two weeks, the DC History Club will examine


An excellent Sword and Sorcery series set in the Medieval Dark Ages, that ran for 24 issues from 2011 to 2013, including an issue 0.

Please read issues 1 through 7, which covers the first arc,

Seven Against The Dark

The seven ‘heroes’ are:

Main character(s)

As you read through these first seven issues

Several questions may be considered

Who are your favorite characters?

Any characters you disliked or felt just didn’t ‘work’ in this title?

What is the motivation of each of the seven?
How heroic, neutral or evil are each?

For the four characters that existed in DC lore before the New 52

How different are they than their prior versions?

Are Madame Xanadu and Etrigan much more powerful than previous versions?

Is this Vandal Savage evil or just extremely self centered in his goals, oblivious even to the survival of the town and the other characters?

To what degree is the Shining Knight in this title similar to the character in Seven Soldiers by Grant Morrison?

To what degree are they a real team?

Is the Madame Xanadu, Etrigan and Jason Blood situation believeable? How far does Xanadu go with Etrigan and how would she survive?

In this title, often there are flashbacks that take many pages, sometimes a whole issue. Is that interesting or does it stop the current storyline completely?

Does anything good happen to the town with the intervention of the Seven? What would have happened if they didn’t intervene?


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Wiki Research

Demon Knights Characters Appearances

Demon.Knights Issue 0

Demon Knights

Suggested by @msgtv

Demon Hell is Earth

Vandal Savage

Madame Xanadu

Shining Knight


A History of Transgender Characters in Comics, Games and Animation
Shining Knight (Demon Knights, 2011)
An unusually strong and resilient medieval knight of Celtic origin, Sir Ystin, also known as the...



Madame Xanadu as Nimue
In Camelot Musical


In the wiki above are
Several links about the Shining Knight.

A representative image is

Sir Knight Trans

There are both
Pro and Con opinions
On this characterization.

Any DC Historian have their own opinion?

If so, please post.


I added some links
In Post 4, the wiki, about

Al Jabr, the member of the Demon Knights who is an Arab Inventor.

In the first issue, he is refused service because of what he is.

His name means The Numbers.

He ages in the normal way. In a later arc, he is an old man, while the other members are immortal and seemed not to age at all.

Does the fact that he is an Arab and presumably a Moslem have any major effect in the storylines?

During this part of the Medieval Era, the Muslim Empire was one of the major civilization, especially in comparison to Europe at the time. It transmitted back to Europe part of its old culture, such as the works of Aristotle, which eventually brought forth Thomas Aquinas and then the Renaissance.

Is Al Jabr major role in Demon Knight mainly the third law of Arthur Clarke:

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic?


Added a link in Post 4, the wiki, for

Exoristos, the Amazon exile from Themyscira

Her name in Greek means exile.

To what degree is she shown to be a true Amazon

Or is she more a copy of Red Sonya?

One example of the former, is that even though she does not have the powers of Wonder Woman, as a ordinary Amazon, she has superhuman strength and ages very slowly if at all.

Her main Red Sonya aspect is her costume. A young girl calls her a tart and Exoristos thinks the girl is talking about pastry.

Exoristos is mentioned in Wonder Woman 750. I would like to see how she is faring in the current DC multiuniverse.


Clytemnestra, the Horsewoman, is an archer and occasional ally of the Demon Knights. She is a pareplagic, who moves around on horseback thanks to a magic saddle and her connection to the Red.

Aspects of the Red often appears in Animal Man, Swamp Thing, and in the New 52, Beast Boy, who is colored Red, not his usually Green.

None of the three new characters in Demon Knights get their backgrounds explored very much, but we know the least about her.

With the little revealed about her, she seems to be a Force of Nature and as such, not a likely candidate to care about normal humans, like the villagers besieged in the first arc.

She is also a disabled character. The only other major characters of this type are Barbara Gordon as Oracle and the Chief in Doom Patrol.

Post 4, the wiki, has links for this character.

Does this character ‘work’ in this title?


So psyched to reread this with more context on the characters than I had at the time.


The first time I read about Vandal Savage

Flash 137


Some Videos with Vandal Savage


Etrigan in

Justice League Dark Apokolips


Madame Xanadu


Wonder Woman 750
An Untold Story of Exoristos



I read this series when it came out (though I’m not 100% sure I got to the end). Just read the first seven issue arc, and just love what Cornell and Neves have done here. Lots of thoughts on the characters and this series and will dive in more in the coming days. But, most important is that this is a very fun, very readable series that deserves more attention than it got.



This is the end so far
Of the saga of the Shining Knight in the 21st century

Last page of Seven Soldiers of Victory 1 by Grant Morrison.

This was published before the New 52 and may not be canon in that universe.


The two New 52 Titles

Demon Knights

Are connected.

Al Jabr was the first Engineer.


Also connects to All Star Western


Thank you very much

Except for the

Justice League
Justice League of America
Justice League Dark


I always thought of the New 52 titles being independent as a strategy of DC

No crossovers
New Titles with
Complete Reboot
Of Major Characters
Except for

Green Lantern

Was intended to eliminate the high barrier
For new fans
Getting into Comics

I now see there was a
Big Event involving
The Black Diamond of Eclipso
Over many titles

The Black Diamond Probability

The Basic Issue Organization

001 Demon Knights #13
002 Demon Knights #14
003 Demon Knights #15
004 All Star Western #13
005 All Star Western #14
006 All Star Western #15
007 All Star Western #16
008 Team 7 #1
009 Team 7 #2
010 Team 7 #3
011 Team 7 #4
012 Catwoman #15
013 Catwoman #16



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