DC History Club March 2022 Hawkgirl

The first time, I came across hawk girl was, dc super hero girls, whare she was a teen at super hero high. This verson was targeted to small childon and was a less complex as in justice leage!
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It was a fun approach

The Silver Age Hawkgirl
Was a police officer from Thanagar

So naturally
The show made her
Hall Monitor


Well, the offer is always on the table, Mr. T. :superman_hv_4:

Here’s something neat you might like:

I know diddly about Turok beyond its most basic plot, but if memory serves, there was a Turok video game in the '90s and Playmates produced toys for it (one of which is above).

I remember you mentioning this before, and I’m sorry that happened.

Say, do you have Hawkgirl Watch-Alongs planned? The DC Animation Club could always assist/host/co-host if you want.


Thinking about it

Starcrossed is too long

Any suggestions?

I will be listing the JLU episodes tomorrow

Solomon Grundy
Two episodes?


I bought
Dell Comics
With Turok
Because I loved dinosaurs

Way before my first DC

Which was
Detective Comics 255


1960 Brave and the Bold 30. Best of the early Justice League of America stories and Last tryout of the JLA before receiving their own book

And I was hooked

Members sometimes wonder
About my name here

There is a Turok Son of Stone movie!

Here is trailer

scenes from the movie



Yes, that is the first generation of dc super hero girls, it was not comic acurete or that complex but it was a fun take on dc, i love the idea of super hero high and the reboot, had the main charecters in a normal high school and, that desision, took away the charm of the franchise!


You know…

taps his chin in thought as he leans to look outside

…there is an episode of Super Friends on HBO Max that features Hawkgirl, and I’ve been meaning to watch it for quite some time, now.

I can’t remember the episode (its in my HM list, so I’ll post it later, and I’m too burned-out from work to do another Google search, right now), but that could be good, and give folks a nice vintage-themed representation of Hawkgirl in animation.

Oh! There’s also an episode of JLU with Vixen, Shayera, John and SG. “Dark Souls”, I think? From season two, if memory serves.

Anyway! We can hash out the deets later, but if you’re interested in doing a WAL for Hawkgirl, the DC Animation Club will absolutely be onboard to assist. :superman_hv_4:


That Hawkgirl Hawkman
John Stewart Vixen episode will be mentioned this week

Instead of putting all the JLU episodes together

Doing One by one

In an attempt
To keep Topic
From falling
Further and Further
Down the list


It was interesting to see

Ms Martian and Starfre as friends

And had interesting takes on

Poison Ivy
Harley Quinn

I prefer that version of Bumblebee also

It even had Raven!


Definitely a good idea to stretch Shay’s episodes out, as she was a fixture of many in various ways.

Say…what about a Women’s History Month-based WAL of Starcrossed?

You know what, DM me and we can chit-chat about this more. :slight_smile:


I remeber loving dc super hero girls big barda, i alwas love redemed villains and big barta was that, I still have a found opinon of big barda and the only reasion, i do is because of that show, also i would not be a dc fan with that show, i remeber after seeing hawk qirl in dc super hero girls i looked her up and i lurned more about dc from reseurching charecters from that show!


It’s always interesting
To read about
What attracted
Fans into DC

Seeing the old live action and animated shows
Were what brought
Many to the original
DCU a few years ago


I’m going to tuck this onto the DCHC mantle as I head out:

This too, because why not?


In the Justice league Animated series

Allowed the Justice League Unlimited show

To further
Hawkgirl’s arc
By exploring:

Who did Hawkgirl stay with, after the events of Starcrossed?

Her relationship with Solomon Grundy

Her status with The Justice League

The John Stewart, Vixen and Hawkgirl romantic triangle


Her bad relationship with Wonder Woman

Who is Hawkman?

That whole Reincarnation thing Involving
Carter Hall, Shayera
AND John Stewart

And a big fun fight match with the main female JLU members

The DC History Club will cover all these topics this week


Starcrossed finale

End of Justice League Animated series


Great deductions here


The thing that sticks out for me about the Golden and Silver Age versions of Hawkgirl is that they never feel like a sidekick to me. Over the last few years, I’ve read the Silver Age stories on DCUI and the stories that involve Hawkgirl she is presented as a full partner, every bit as capable as Hackman.


You’re right

Looking at some old
Fox and Kubert Silver Age Hawkman

There are scenes
Where Hawkgirl is emotional

She gets jealous

She is nervous and messes up as a Rookie Cop partnered with the legendary Katar Hol

She gets homesick for Thanagar

To me
That makes her relatable

Not less heroic


Hawkgirl Centric Episodes in Justice League Unlimited

Season 1

11 Wake the Dead

Season 2

5 The Balance
8 Hunters Moon

Season 3

2 Shadow of the Hawk
9 Grudge Match
11 Ancient History


Season 1
11 Wake the Dead

A team based on
Marvel Defenders

Solomon Grundy Hulk
Dr Fate Dr Strange
Aquaman Namor
Android Silver Surfer
Hawkgirl Valkyrie / Nighthawk

Previously on Justice League

“Justice League: How Aquaman Became an Animated Namor | CBR” https://www.cbr.com/justice-league-aquaman-animated-namor/amp/

Spoilers Ending