DC Hero's and Rogues Who I Feel May Fall On the Autism Spectrum

I went on a rant over here about how DC has a lot of ethnic diversity, but you do not see an Autistic hero outside Billy Cranston from the 2017 Power rangers movie: How DC Comics Has Failed to Support Black Voices - #713 by Nobody.bladesmith
(Yes, black lives matter, however, I feel all lives matter.)

DC has an incredibly diverse cast of inspirational characters from all walks of life, from super genius-scientist Lena Luthor in CW’s Supergirl, Barbara Gordan, and her time as the wheelchair-bound paralyzed hacker hero Oracle. We have also had Allen Scott come out of the closet to his kids in infinite frontier issue 0. However (to my knowledge), it does not have a hero from my community:… I am a person on the Autism Spectrum at level 1 and am open about it. There have been some celebrities coming out as on the spectrum, notably Wentworth Miller, the actor who portrays Leonard Snart / Captain Cold in The Arrowverse and another being Youtube celebrate and sience commentator Kyle Hill.

My rant got me thinking, who could potentially come out (or be revealed) as being on the Autism Spectrum this is my opinion on my personal experience as a person with Autism I am not a Psycologist I am not qualified to say where they fall on the spectrom. This is a I know it when I see it thing but I will do my best to explain why I feel they would fall on the Spectrum.

First off though i find the idea that vaccination causes Autism to be insulting there are a lot of causes which is why its now called the Autism Spectrum Disorder.
I am also going to stick to only the characters I am most fermillar with.


(Really I feel most of the batfamily falls on the spectrum this but defiantly these ones.)

Cassandra Cain: Just by how she is raised through her formative years and how she acts she would fall on the spectrum.

Damian Wayne: Same reason as Cassandra.

Bruce Wayne: Do to the trauma he suffered at age eight to twelve (generally aged 10,) and how he behaves and is reported to have behaved as a child I feel he falls on the spectrum. His poor social skills. the determination he shows to wage a never ending war on crime. But especially the Harley Quinn version of him.

Jason Todd: His circumstances growing up poor social skills nervse talking.

Selina Kyle: With how she grew up and the trauma’s she suffered and her preference for social isolation.


Pamala Isley: How she was raised, preference for social isolation. Especially the Harley Qinn version of her.

Arrowverse Captain cold.

Arrowverse Heat wave for how he acts, preference for social isolation. He has other issues to go with being on the spectrum for sure.
these are just the ones i can think of that could be brought revealed to be on the spectrum.
What do you guys think (especially any trained psychologists)


This is the big one for me, personally (as someone who is also on the autism spectrum). Consider the evidence:

• Helpless at small talk
• Meticulous filing system
• Keeps a hoard of trophies and keepsake all in neat little display cases
• Relates everything he makes and does back to his special interest (bats)
• Often struggles to realize when he’s hurting the feelings of those closest to him
• Would literally rather disappear from a rooftop than make eye contact with a friend


glad i am not the only one.
PS I was actually nervous about putting Bruce on the list.

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I can confirm you are correct.

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Scarecrow as a more social example?

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How about Rex Tyler (the original Hourman)? He is obsessed with his clocks, miraculo, and his work. He is very awkward around his family due to prioritizing his company and superhero work, and will constantly run off by himself to fight a super villain.

The way he tries to change himself reminds me of how I try to do it. Tell myself over and over this is it, and I am going to do it only to constantly stop.