DC HEREOES: The Role-playing game of choice for rpg system connoisseurs

I was just wondering if me and my friends were the only ones who ever played DC HEROES the role playing game? I’ve owned some 8 or so pen and paper rpgs in my life and this one was the best by a long distance.

I mean you could calculate the distance Superman could throw an 80lb child into space and the stacking dice (rolling again each time you got doubles) was an awesome way for an underdog to realistically beat a superior enemy with one lucky blow.

I don’t even want to talk about TSRs Marvel Heroes with its Typical (6) guns that could be shot 10 to 20 times at say Captain America who could still have a nice night on the town without even visiting the hospital.

The 9 count attributes was my favorite and drawbacks for example were some of the many features of what I consider the best system ever made and one that will never be bested. I even devised a difficult to make conversion system that enabled me to convert Marvel characters into the DC system instead of having to use that awful worse than trash system.



Yes, I played it. I still have the original box with the manuals from the 80’s!


I never played it since I am the only one in my area that really likes DC Comics and there is no solo variant for the game.

But, it does remind me of Dungeons and Dragons. Depending on the mechanics of the game, there could be a way to set up a game on here.


wow i’d kill for my copy i lost it - don’t mean to be lazy but is there a way you could help me find maybe an online copy


I’m hoping it looked something like this:

I played it as well and loved it. Bought the original game again as mine had fallen apart and I display it in my home office. Great fun!

Ah yes. I have great memories running this particular system with a bunch of friends.

I still have all of the old rulebooks and modules in a box in the basement. Good times.

I played it a little when I was a teenager. RPG’s have never been my thing but that one was fun.

I would be down to an online DC RPG playable game or even access to DC online game.